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Boxing Promotions promoter Anthony Mwamba dies


The Zambia Boxing Federation (ZBF) has expressed sadness following the death of Exodus Boxing Promotions promoter Anthony Mwamba.

Zambia Boxing Federation General Secretary Bright Chomba said the death of Mwamba is a sad development to the boxing fraternity.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Chomba said Mwamba who represented the country in promoting boxing at a high level has left a gap that will be hard to fill.

He said Mwamba contributed a lot to the fraternity like bringing Women boxing into light, and grooming former World Boxing Council (WBC) Champion Esther Phiri among others.

He said some youths who were being groomed by Mwamba were taken from the streets, adding that the task has now been left to those still living to carry on the mantle.

ZANIS reports that Chomba has since appealed to boxing stakeholders to come on board and continue with what Mwamba has left in order for the youths to remain focused and not fall back to the streets.

“For us as the Boxing federation I think it is very bad and we just implore the people to mourn him in harmony and Christ,” Chomba said.

Chomba has requested that all Boxing Tournaments in different provinces be suspended until Mwamba is put to rest.

And in a separate interview, Zambia Professional Boxing and wrestling Control Board Secretary General Expendito Chipalo said Mwamba’s death is a huge loss not only to Zambia but to the entire African continent.

Chipalo has said Mwamba was committed to the sport he loved from childhood as an amateur boxer before going professional.

“He was one of the only two active promoters in Zambia and it is not an over statement to say he will be irreplaceable,” Chipalo said.

Mwamba died at the age of 61, at the Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital this morning from suspected COVID-19.


  1. Sad news!! But please the headline is confusing why boxing promotion promoter? why not just boxing promoter has…..!!! please fix it!!!!

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