Jay Rox releases his highly anticipated video for ‘King’


Jay Rox releases his highly anticipated video for ‘King’ featuring Ern Chawama which has got a lot of people talking after he posted the teaser with the goat head. This song is a message to all those that still doubt his craft and those that have lost hope at becoming anything in life because they think their time has passed.

This single is here to uplift spirits. This music video was directed by Jay Rox & OG Beejay Song was produced by Kenz & Beingz Lighting by Clement Chimese Makeup by Chisanga Taylor Costume Design by Estelle Mantel & Chisanga Taylor Set Design by Jay Rox Set Master by Ronald Chama


  1. The thing between he’s legs is a Baphomet. Symbolism is how people declare who they are and what they represent .Either Jay is ignorant about the whole setup of this video ,or he is fully aware and it he’s way of coming out as crowned king of the dark!!? Wake up people!

  2. It is a good thing most of Zambia’s music is nonsense these days. What is with the wannabe satannissm with the image? Children avoid this. This is not funny or African. Listen to real music and read your bibles.

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