President congratulates new Tanzanian President


President Edgar Lungu is confident that the new President of Tanzania Samia Hassan will continue with the socio-economic transformation agenda embarked upon by late President John Magufuli.

President Lungu expressed optimism that Mrs. Hassan will carry on the mantle of economic growth which has seen Tanzania graduate to a middle-income economy.

In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe today, President reassured the new Tanzanian President of the Zambian government’s support and firm commitment to enhancing fraternal relations between the two countries.

“Your Excellency, as you assume the responsibilities of this higher office, I wish to reassure you of the Zambian government’s support and firm commitment to enhancing fraternal relations between the two countries,” said President Lungu.

He added that Zambia was committed to continuing interacting and exchanging common positions on issues of mutual interest at the regional and international for a with Tanzania.

Dr. Lungu has since congratulated President Hassan following her swearing-in ceremony as the first female president of that country on Friday, March 19th 2021.

Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan was sworn-in as President of Tanzania on Friday, 19th March, 2021 following the passing on of President John Magufuli last week on Wednesday, 17th March, 2021.

Tanzania is currently observing 14 days of national mourning and flags are flying at half-mast in honour of the late President.

Born in 1959 in Chato, North-West Tanzania, late President Magufuli studied chemistry and maths at the University of Dar es Salaam and worked as a teacher.

He was first elected as an MP in 1995, became cabinet minister in 2000 and elected as President in 2015 and 2020 respectively.


  1. This man has no shame to even speak about the late who achieved more in 1 month what this lazy sausage Edgar couldn’t do in 5 years …Magufuli had a moto which was “Prosperity without debt” something this lazy man would never understand.

  2. This fraud convict usurpt power from the VP guy Scott when sata died……..

    He is not even ashamed when he sees the orderly conduct in TZ ……

  3. But you have failed to emulate magufuli. What legacy will you leave behind. 12 August is a special day for the unemployed youths

  4. There is nothing to congratulate in sadness. This is an obvious transition of power where there is proper functioning constitution and arms of government.

    Not in Zambia where you know that you are not eligible and you still want to push yourself through our throats.

    Find another candidate ba PF Edgar Lungu is eligible.

    PF must go!


  6. Madam Samia Hassan was VP and Running Mate to the late President Magufuli. As Running Mate she automatically succeeded Magufuli to complete the balance of his 5 year Term .Magufuli had served only 4 months of a second Term. President Hassan is serving her first term in office up to 2025. The Tanzanian Constitution Article 40(2) says: “No Person shall be elected more than twice to hold the Office of the President “. The Zambian Constitution Article 106 (3) says the same thing. So why is ECL bulldozing an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term? Tanzania has held a smooth and Constitutional Transfer of Power .Why can’t ECL emulate the same? In his Oath of Office in 2016, ECL promised the People of Zambia to be honest, to defend and protect the Republican Constitution. He must…

  7. Madilu system – Imagine how can you congratulate a Veep for taking over from the President who has passed when its her job…this is how myopic Lazy Lungu is. One lesson to our leaders even those in opposition choose a much more competent Veep not a weak one like is the case in Zambia. Even this Hassan she was just chosen to appease the Islamic community by the late President ..I hope she proves us wrong.

  8. Tikki – I dont keep tabs on the UK based attention seeking impostor/ Troll I have better things to do.

  9. We commend Chama Chamapundizi Party and People of the United Republic of Tanzania for the smooth transfer of Power from the late President John Magufuli to President Samia Suluhu Hassan . Africa and Zambia in particular should emulate Tanzania for the successful and smooth transition.

  10. President Samia Suluhu Hassan was sworn in on Friday 18 March 2021. ECL was embarrassed to see a smooth transfer of Power in Tanzania. In the meantime ECL is busy trying to circumvent the Republican Constitution by imposing himself on Zambians thru an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. AU and SADC should demand from ECL an undertaking that Zambia will hold a free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections on August 12,2021. They should insist that ECL shouldn’t grab Power thru an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. We demand a smooth transfer of Power on August 12,2021. No Third Term please.

  11. ECL should congratulate Tanzania for transferring Power from the late President Magufuli to President Samia Suluhu Hassan peacefully. Chama Chamapinduzi Party should be commended for respecting and obeying the Tanzanian Constitution. ECL should abandon his Third Term Bid and defend ,protect and respect the Republican Constitution to maintain Peace in Zambia.

  12. We wish the new president all the best as she takes over in a very demanding position. His excellency can relate very well with her as we also experience the unfortunate death of our great father MCS. Our current father ECL took over and has done a great job. We would like to let her know that our president is available for moral support and advice when needed. We are one, especially in moments of sorrow and sadness.god bless Zambia and Tanzania. Amen

  13. In some way I think the likes of Lazy Lungu and Granddad M7 are secretly relieved that Magufuli is out of the picture as the man was showing them up…the man is opposite to these reckless bums even one can count on two hands how many times he has flown out since he was elected.

    Edgar Lungu how will you be remembered you big pile of manure…shut up man dont point at infrastructure… you have not paid a single cent for!!

  14. As you can see from the comments above, a lot of angry Tonga upnd diasporans. They know their fellow tribalists is not winning any election in August so they are now frustrated and throwing insults. Hahahaha . Shame on you. It hurts to be losers. You will never win an election so long as you remain tribal motherfakaz. You dogs

  15. Also surprised with congratulations in view that this is a mere constitutional transition to a vice president after death of a president, there was no contest here

  16. Meanwhile ECL continues his long march of socio-economic development of Zambia into a poverty sh1thole with negative indicators.

  17. Congratulate?????……Lusaka Times…whats the meaning and purpose of congratulations??? Has the now President of Tanzania won anything….did they vote after Magufuli died???…and why would Lungu Congratulate her….and why even making any statement…..Tanzanians are still moaning Magufuli…

  18. Some comments from this UPND cadres are pathetic and unreasonable. Why is it that some foolish citizens want to criticise ECL for congratulating the new president of Tanzania. Do you want to congratulate HH for being the leader of fallen UPND Alliance and president of upnd wamuyaya. Shameful indeeed. Move out of those foolish comments and be matured. Let that country do as per their constitution. Dont be cry babies.

  19. Tanzania has shown Africa how the transfer of Power is smoothly and peacefully done. Tanzanians have upheld their Constitution and respected the Rule of Law. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of any country and therefore it must be adhered to and respected by the Political Leadership of a Country. Zambia must emulate Tanzania and ensure a peaceful and smooth transition of Power from President Lungu to the President that will be elected on August 12,2021. Lungu swore to an Oath of Office and promised to respect,obey and uphold the Republican Constitution. So God help him comply.

  20. Misplaced ‘congratulations’ at a time like this – the Vice-President merely took over to finish the term.

  21. Lungu should congratulate Madam Hassan for being sworn in as President of Tanzania but should also thank Tanzanians and their Leaders for respecting,obeying, defending and protecting the Tanzanian Constitution. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and should be observed all times. ECL must learn from Tanzanians that Elections can be managed Objectively and Professionally. ECL should forget about his illegal and unconstitutional Third Term Bid and deliver credible Elections in August 2021 which will lead to successful and peaceful transfer of Power from him to the Newly elected President in August 2021. Period.

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