World Vision aids Mbala schools


World Vision in Mbala has donated assorted COVID- 19 materials to schools in the district valued at K435, 000.

The materials include 105 thermal scanners, 210 x 650 millilitres hand washing liquid soap, and 105 by 25 kilogram containers of granular chlorine.

World Vision Mbala Area Development Programme Manager, Mpengo Simutami said the materials are meant to help schools in the district fight COVID-19.

Mr Simutami who presented the items to the District administration in Mbala, said World Vision values the health of the children.

He said the organisation is committed to ensuring that children are educated and experience the love of God.

“World Vision strives to ensure that children are educated for life, enjoy a good life and experience the love of God. They need to appreciate their neighbours and also participate in normal activities that other people do,” he said.

Mr Simutami stated that all primary and secondary schools in the area will benefit from the materials.

“I am happy to hand over today, 105 thermal scanners for 105 schools in Mbala. That implies that all the community schools, primary and secondary schools will at least receive one scanner,” he said.

And Mbala District Commissioner, Maybin Chibalange thanked World Vision Zambia for the donation.

Mr Chibalange noted that government has continued to enjoy a good working relationship with World Vision Zambia.

He has since implored school managers to ensure that they put the materials to good use.

“My appeal to all head teachers, is that you need to ensure that the materials that you are receiving today, are put to good use,” he said.

And speaking at the same occasion, Acting Mbala District Education Board Secretary, Wilfred Chilala said the materials will help schools in the area prevent and detect any possible cases of COVID-19.

Mr Chilala has since thanked World Vision for assisting schools in the district.


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