Liuwa PF candidate donates chickens and goats to 150 women groups

PF Women on hand to welcome the Headmen
PF Women on hand to welcome the Headmen

Patriotic Front (PF) Liuwa constituency aspirant candidate in Kalabo district of Western province, Mwangala Mwenda has donated 4 thousand chickens and 50 goats to 150 women cooperative groups in the area.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mrs Mwenda said the donated birds and goats were meant to reduce on the escalating poverty levels among the women in Liuwa constituency.

“As you are aware that the place is prone to floods, forcing our women who are most bread winners in the family to perpetual sufferings in the locality,” said Mrs Mwenda.

Mrs Mwenda said many women in Liuwa depend on subsistence farming of which crops once harvested from the fields is mainly for consumption.

She said the chickens which are at the point of lay will enable women cooperative groups to have enough eggs for sale that would result in many of them raise money for their living.

“The PF government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu emphasizes the need for farmers to engage in crop diversification. The whole constituency of Liuwa is engulfed in water making trade difficult for our people to access food,” said Mrs Mwenda.

Mrs Mwenda said many women who live in rural areas like Liuwa face a lot of challenges hence the need to empower them so that they can shift their mindsets to other viable and sustainable farming activities.

“Empowering women can be a powerful force of change and can influence future development in ways favourable to many families in Liuwa constituency. As an aspiring candidate for the ruling Patriotic Front, I believe in empowering my fellow women as they are the backbone of every family in the constituency,” said Mrs Mwenda.

And when receiving the donation on behalf of the cooperatives, Mrs Emmah Katiba of Kutundamena women cooperative group said the animals will assist the welfare of women in the locality.

Mrs Katiba complained that all their maize fields in the district have been submerged adding that the rearing of chickens and goats will relieve them.

“We want to engage ourselves in other farming activities such as chicken rearing and keeping goats. You know goats are more resistant to diseases as compared to cattle farming, we promise as cooperative groups to keep the chickens and goats for our benefit,” Mrs Katiba said.


  1. Now elections are new that’s when they remember that women are suffering due to poverty from their reckless borrowing after 5 years as an MP…really laughable

  2. @DJ, how poor is your reading culture? The article clearly states the donor is a woman.
    At least it’s 4 thousand chickens, Tutwa recently donated 150 chickens to a church, even though he lost the adoption on the PF ticket.

  3. These “gifts “before elections should be considered as bribes and outlawed.Zambians should only vote based on issues.

  4. The ECZ has allowed the bad behavior to continue. This is how we end up choosing mediocre leadership, because people think of handouts first before good leadership.

  5. Typical bribery before the election. But don’t just blame PF, all parties are just the same. HH has also been seen to give away food stuffs.

  6. It would be interesting to check with the Registrar of Cooperatives how many of these cooperatives are registered. Just being curious because as far as I know, Zambia has very few viable cooperatives.


  8. If they ask me to pick a wife from that lineup, it will take a week to take risk. Those PF women are barbarians!!

  9. Meanwhile the local self declared billionaire hh has not donated a single thing since his last forced donation of cheap ebu soap. Shame on him

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