Friday, March 1, 2024

Northern Province backs President Lungu’s candidature


Northern Province Minister Chungu Bwalya says the Patriotic Front in Northern Province is ready to support the agenda of President Edgar Lungu as presented during the general conference and the national convention.

Mr. Bwalya explained that the party has a national character as presented in the presidential speech adding that it needs to be supported.

The provincial minister also pledged to ensure that there is peace and unity, before, during and after the August 12 general elections.

And reacting to the presidential speech on agriculture Mr. Bwalya who is also Lupososhi Member of Parliament said Zambians should take advantage of the favorable climate conditions in country and venture in crop diversification.

He said President Edgar Lungu is passionate about growing the agriculture sector due to its potential of promoting job creation as well as improving food security for the nation.

Meanwhile, Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube said the general conference is best time for continued growth and revival of the party.

Mr. Fube said the decision to extend an invitation to members from the opposition is also is commendable adding that it is an indication of how inclusive and welcoming the PF party is.

Mr Fube affirmed that the endorsement of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as party president is a good move as it would be easier for the party to market him during the campaigns based on the successes he has scored as President.

He observed that President Lungu is in a better position to take the party to 2026 because he has kept the party intact and united.


  1. We knew we already had their support. Even the tongas in upnd strongholds are telling us that they are voting pf. They have had enough of voting for a myopic dog like hh. August he will cry like a pregnant dog

  2. Exactly what are these people smoking? Lungu for re-election? When you see Kaizar Zulu opinionated about PF/Lungu, then you know we need so many pyschiatrists in this country, and I feel sorry for our country. Ati Dr. Lungu? What a joke? I feel like puking. I have a real doctorate, worked for it, and wasn’t given to it like Lungu’s Kachasu. If Lungu wins, that is the end of Zambia as we know it. I will leave. And I will have River Zambezi for sale.
    I just bet $100,000 with a friend about Lungu’s/PF election loss.

  3. Like seriously….so is this the only Zambian capable of being President of Zambia for 3 terms…..which is even against Zambian constitution…remember Lungu himself said ” I cannot go beyond 2021″…….now I understand what it means when people say Zambians are never serious…they take everything as a joke

  4. Kaizar Zulu….am not UPND but please HH is not a dog… him a thief if you want just like Edgar Lungu is a thief…but he is human being just like you….

  5. Anonymous tell the upnd supporters to stop insulting our president and I might withdraw my statement. Until then it stands

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