Zambia’s 48 COVID-19 deaths in the last 24 hours is alarming –Secretary to the Cabinet


Zambia has reported the highest number of COVID-19 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic with 48 deaths in the last 24 hours, Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti has announced.

ZANIS reports that speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Dr. Miti bemoaned the high number of lives being lost on a daily basis since the third wave entered the country.

Dr. Miti noted that the country is losing more people to the pandemic at an alarming rate, citing the fewer deaths at the beginning of the virus per day and increasing to 15, 28 and now 48 deaths per day, bringing the cumulative number of deaths to 1,492.

The Secretary to the Cabinet further disclosed that the country has in the last 24 hours recorded 3,026 confirmed cases of COVID-19 out of 12,928 tests carried out, giving a 23 percent positivity rate.

He added that this is also the highest positive case recorded, bringing the cumulative number of confirmed cases to date to 118,850.

Dr. Miti disclosed that the scenario has disappointed President Edgar Lungu as it is a sign of low adherence levels among people and lack of enforcement by relevant authorities.

“This third wave has been characterized by rapid spread of COVID-19 infections, severe diseases and increased deaths surpassing within three weeks, what we experienced in three months in previous waves,” Dr. Miti stated.

He noted that the health facilities are now admitting an average of 150 cases and within these admission, 70 percent are on oxygen therapy.

In light of the increased cases, The Secretary to the Cabinet urged the general public to consider taking the COVID-19 vaccine whenever it is available so that many are protected.

He was delighted that so far 142,089 people have received their first dose of AtraZeneca and Sinopharm while 6,215 have received their second dose of Sinopharm.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to mobilise more vaccines adding that Zambia is expecting 228,000 doses of AtraZeneca and 100, 000 doses of Sinopharm by August, 2021.

Dr. Miti indicated that President Lungu has since directed all ministries and institutions to prioritise COVID-19 in their daily activities and that Permanent Secretaries report on interventions being implemented to enhance health security in the country.

To this effect, the government has announced heightened measures in an effort to mitigate the spread of the pandemic.


  1. This is nothing to what’s to come, expect 4800 deaths a day soon as very few Zambian take this Chinese virus seriously , and there is 14 million people in this country, but only less than half a million vaccines available and each person needs 2 , so only 250,000 will be vaccinated, what a sad joke.

  2. “Commitment to mobilize more vaccines” is a good description of how this incompetent PF government intends to get more doses: by BEGGING from donor countries. Rather than paying huge sums to criminal cadres and giving out “empowerment” to prospective voters, you could go out and actually BUY vaccines! Even KK, in his nineties and in hospital, hasn’t got an injection yet! Shame on you Edgar China Lungu!

  3. Some statements must be avoided at all times. Statement like “ Dr. Miti disclosed that the scenario has disappointed President Edgar Lungu as it is a sign of low adherence levels among people and lack of enforcement by relevant authorities.“
    Sir, the relaxed attitude we have exhibited especially in comparison to the efforts we had put in at the beginning Is what is reaping these results. We seem to think the minimum effort will bring in maximum benefit. It is sad reality

  4. Iwe Chi No corruption Zambia ulichisushi. What an ignorant . Don’t put my grandfather KK in your worthless ranting. Get a life

  5. Poor planning! August is too far to recieve vaccines! The $17million wasted on honey bee would have been enough to buy vaccines for every zambian!!

    Why should head of state be disappointed when he is in the forefront organizing large gatherings in the name of commissioning unfinished projects!!

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