Qatar Airways to launch flights to Lusaka


Qatar Airways is continuing its expansion in Africa with a new route launching to Lusaka, Zambia and Harare, Zimbabwe on August 6th.

The flag carrier of Qatar is excited to connect passengers to the two cities while meeting increasing cargo demand with the move.

The airline’s wide bodies will be flying on what will become the firm’s fifth and sixth new African destinations launched since the beginning of the global health crisis.

Amid this launch, Qatar Airways is set to transport plenty of goods with a total of 30 tonnes of cargo capacity per service. This operation will form part of a wider shipping network between worldwide center points in the likes of the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and the United States.

Qatar Airways Group CEO Al Baker took a moment to share how valuable routes in Africa are to his company.

Overall, the airline has been expanding well across the continent, now conducting over 100 weekly flights to 27 destinations here.

“Africa continues to be an area of strong growth for Qatar Airways and launching this service will support the development of the economy and tourism sector in both countries,” Al Baker shared in a statement.

“Not only do we continue to rebuild our network after the pandemic, but we are actively expanding it with the addition of these two key destinations. These are the fifth and sixth new destinations in Africa added to our network since the start of the pandemic, taking our total new destinations added across the globe to 10.”


  1. I hope they can sustain this new route given the sharp drop in tourist arrivals into Zambia due to Covid 19.

  2. Great move…Zambia will be one of the fastest developing countries.
    This move will open up more doors for opportunities and growth. Give credit were it is due. Expanding the airport was a good move Zambia will not be the same once they turn the Lusaka Airport into a hub.
    I have seen this in other countries.

  3. @Mzambia wa Zamani, they will sustain. They’re obviously looking at the long-term/post-covid period which is a good strategy. By the time other airlines re-start operations, they’ll already be making profits and have a consolidated position in the market.

  4. I totally agree with your statement. In addition, You can’t compare the quality of service provided on Qatar airlines compared to other airlines. I know Zambian’s once they try it…the news will spread like fire. Really Qatar airlines has positioned its self very well. Their is a lot of profit to make in Africa and I’m sure their advisers did their home work.

  5. Impressive its high time for the country to have a beneficial direct rout that will contribute positive turn up to the tourist board of the country..

  6. Ask South Africa with world class international airports how they have benefited? Zero. Let us not get excited for nothing. By the way how is zambia airways going to compete if you continue giving routes to foreign airlin3s?

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