Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Police arrest UPND cadres in Solwezi


Six United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres have been arrested by police in Solwezi district for conduct likely to cause breach of the peace.

This was after Patriotic Front (PF) and UPND cadres clashed yesterday in the Solwezi central business district.

Northwestern province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase has confirmed the incident in Solwezi today.

Mr Njase said the fights started as a result of UPND cadres being found in the wrong ward thereby, disturbing the peace.

“According to the ECZ campaign schedule, PF is supposed to be in Tumvwanganai and Kyawama wards whilst UPND is supposed to be in Kyafukuma and Kivuku wards,” he said.

Mr Njase said two vehicles belonging to the PF have had their windscreens damaged and three members injured by Namindi Silva, a former Tumvwanganai ward councillor and other unknown UPND cadres.

“Two cases of malicious damage and three cases of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm have been recorded.

PF land cruiser registration number BAD 3575 had its windscreen damaged on July 16, 2021 at 15:00 hours and a Toyota Allex registration number ATB 433 also had its screen damaged by a group of UPND cadres who were throwing stones against their opponents,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Njase has warned UPND cadres that police will enforce the law firmly and ensure that those found wanting are taken to court.

“It is clear that the UPND action was meant to provoke PF. However, the PF action to withdraw from town was commendable, despite the fact that they were supposed to be in central business town in accordance with ECZ campaign schedule,” he added.


  1. Upnd is a political party from hell..They should have done their campaign in accordance with the time table, and the confusion or violence should have not happened but because it’s a blood thirsty party that is what you get.

  2. And you asking us to vote for you?. What discipline are you going to have if not this same continuing for the entire 5years.
    PF learned the behaviour from MMDs William Banda and now you have and are consulting the devil himself on how to be oppressive.

    We are continuing with PF. If you are not careful you will never rule under that party.

  3. Why didn’t the sons of the devil stick to ECZ schedule? This blood thirsty party is evil where ever they go there is death and blood. How many more people will HH sacrifice to get to state house.

  4. This is biased reporting by the Police. They know that if they report pf was at fault they will be dismissed.
    After August ,the Police will be allowed to function as professionals not as pf cadres.

    The 2021 Election is about economic emancipation and the Majority of Zambians are determined to give HH Mandate!

  5. Good job Police …if there was an ECZ schedule and these fooooools didn’t stick to it then arrest them

  6. This is Museveni style of intimidation on the opposition party, the violence has been coming from the PF caders who have been paid tax payers money to beat up anyone wearing red even if they are non partisan

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