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Government release K25 million for Kashikishi-Lunchinda road


Government has released K25 million to pay local sub-contractors working on the Kashikishi-Lunchinda road in Chienge district, Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota has disclosed.

Speaking when he called on senior chief Mununga and chief Puta in Chienge district today, Mr. Mushota noted that the sub-contractors have made notable progress in working on the road. He added that the government is committed to ensuring that the road is completed to enhance adequate road transport in the district.

“There where they started constructing the Lunchinda-Kashikishi road, Visha Investment subcontractor has been given K10 million and Copperfield Services, the subcontractor working on the road leading to Lambwe-Chomba from Chienge has been given K15 million,” he said.

Mr. Mushota added that government has done its best to fund the works on the road despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the country’s economy.

“For the government to release money at this difficult time is a clear demonstration that we have a committed government,” he said.

Mr. Mushota said it is now expected that the contractor will make great progress before the onset of the rain season. The Permanent Secretary observed that there are a lot of business opportunities across the border into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which people are taking advantage of but the lack of a good road is hampering the promotion of commerce and trade.

“I want to see a situation whereby when the rain season begins, our road is in a very good condition to enable everyone to travel quickly between Kashikishi and Lunchinda,” he said.

Mr. Mushota also commended the subcontractors for doing a good job so far on the road. He said in the near future, government will be giving full contracts to local contractors rather than giving contracts to foreign companies.

“I am happy to be impressed with the works of the local subcontractors. Each time we give them money, they show commitment and do their job as required,” he said.

He added that government has previously released money to work on the road but the contractor was not efficient enough. Mr. Mushota stated that government is considering giving contractors to Zambians engineers who have proved to be efficient.

Meanwhile, chief Puta of the Bwile people in Chienge district has thanked government for showing commitment in constructing the Chienge-Kashikishi and the Chienge-Lambwe Chomba roads. Chief Puta observed that previously, the road network in Chienge district was bad and mostly not accessible.

He added that today, the road is passable due to government’s commitment in improving the road network not only in Chienge but countrywide.

“We thank President Edgar Lungu for the funds they have given to the local subcontractors working on these roads,” he said.

And Chief Mununga of the Shila people in Chienge observed that with the works that government is doing in the district, his people only know President Lungu as their leader.

He added that the road network is improving in the district due to the good leadership of the President.

Chief Mununga stated that the works that government is doing in the area should continue even after the August 12, 2021 elections.


  1. This is money that will never reach the project its merely last minute top-up campaign funds to bribe voters …why should GRZ pay the sub-contractors where is the main contractor and RDA in all this. Its their own proxy companies just doing cosmetic work at inflated rates….next year this project will appear in the AG Report.

  2. The same Copper fields with Chitotela who have failed to complete the pedicle road.Awe kwena ku Luapula kwali suulwaa!!

  3. “He said in the near future, government will be giving full contracts to local contractors rather than giving contracts to foreign companies”

    10 years in government they are still singing the same song without shame…clearly will change

  4. Within these two days everybody will be paid like lightning. After this any outstanding you will wait for 5 years.

  5. When idddiotas run a country…in the last three weeks monies and projects which have been funded have exceeded the whole projects of 2020 combined. a fullish frog tries to jump out of a port when the temperature reaches 75 degrees. Smart people know this idiom

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