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Chanda Mbao and Rich Bizzy Denounce Tribalism



Fresh off the release of his song ‘Zombies’ in which Chanda Mbao encourages independent thinking and reflection, he has now teamed up with Zambian star Rich Bizzy to bring another positive message to the fore: a call against tribalism.

Through a very relatable love story, the pair manage to relay an important message in these critical times. The story sees a Bemba man fall in love with a Tonga woman–unfortunately, both respective families are resistant to the union due to preconceived notions. Thankfully, the protagonist of the story and his love interest do not give up, despite the sorrow and challenges. They stay committed to their value of ‘One Zambia, One Nation.’

The song is a unique record which sees a fusion between Kalindula elements as well as modern Hip-Hop/Trap, lacing an interesting soundscape and keeping the listener engaged. With the unlikely pair coming together on this song, fans did not know what to expect but the warm reception on Chanda Mbao’s social media presence seems to indicate that this was a pleasant surprise. Produced by the hardworking and talented Shinko Beats, this record represents a unique moment in Zambian music where artists from different genres have decided to collaborate to create something meaningful for society and brought their respective genres together for the journey.

Asked about how the collaboration came about, Chanda Mbao said: “I’ve been a fan of Rich Bizzy’s work for some time and had been telling Shinko Beats I wanted to put together something with him. When we finally managed to link up in the studio earlier this year, I thought it was important we do something memorable and of meaning. We both agreed that speaking against tribalism was something worth doing and, just like that, ‘Luyando’ was born. Rich Bizzy is an amazing talent and it was a pleasure to work with him.”

The song has been released for Zambian music lovers on the Zambian platform Mvesesani and is available for purchase here:


  1. Very emotional indeed! We can choose our friends but we cannot choose our relatives and their tribes. My mother is Tonga and my Father is Bemba so what am I? I have Tonga and Bemba relatives so CK’s Tribal Rantings are very insulting to me. These are Hate Speeches punishable at law.

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