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Sinazongwe residents spend nights at polling station


Residents of Sinazongwe District in Southern province started to queue up to cast their votes as early as 20:00 hours last night.

A check by ZANIS found scores of residents lining up in readiness to cast their vote at Fisheries Secondary School polling station in Sinazongwe.

Scores of residents were seen carrying blankets to the polling stations in the district and were ready to camp.

And in Sinazeze Township in Sinazongwe District, residents had lined up at Sinazeze Council Guest House Polling station as early as 21:00 hours and were camped there the whole night.

Meanwhile, business houses have closed their premises in Sinazeze Township as a handful of shops were seen open.

At a popular busy trading spot on Maamba Road called “Bump” only one trader was spotted selling tomatoes as the place was deserted as most people had gone to cast their votes.

Voting in some polling stations in Chipangali constituency in Eastern province has started on a good note.

Some stations monitored by ZANIS revealed that long queues started forming as early as 04.00 hours with voters ready to cast their vote.

At Mgubudu Multi-purpose Cooperative polling centre which has two voting stations, over 160 cast their vote by 09:00 hours on station number one while polling station number two, 150 people cast their vote by the same time.

At Khokwe sheds polling centre, 150 cast their vote at station number one by 10:00 hours while at polling station number two, 100 voted.

Chipangali district has a total number of 70, 11 3 registered voters who are expected to elect the President, a Member of Parliament, Council Chairperson and eight Councillors.

Meanwhile, Lukulu residents of Lukulu East Constituency in Western Province have turned up in numbers to cast their vote at various polling stations.

Some residents arrived at their respective polling stations as early as 03:00hours.

Lukulu District Electoral Officer Emmanuel Lukupwa says all polling stations in the district opened by 06:00hours in the morning.

Mr Lukupwa has expressed happiness with the high voter turnout.

Lukulu East Constituency has a total number of 29,661 registered voters, 81 polling stations and 17 wards.


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