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UPND not behind tombstone destruction in Mwinilunga-Chinyimba

General News UPND not behind tombstone destruction in Mwinilunga-Chinyimba

Mwinilunga town council chairperson Jonathan Chinyimba says social media assertions that members of the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) in the district were behind the destruction of 25 tombstones at Kawiko cemetery last week are malicious.

Mr. Chinyimba said allegations that the UPND in the area targeted graves of former Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja’s deceased relatives were unfortunate.

“A lot of graveyards were affected without regard to families, I was there with the police,” he said.

He said a number of graves and tombstones were affected with no regard to which family they belonged to.

The civic leader said the official statement on the matter by the police and mainstream media reflected the correct events that occurred at the graveyard.

Mr. Chinyimba has since advised people to avoid fabricating lies against the UPND.

He further advised anyone who may have scores to settle with the Kanganja family to handle them without involving innocent people and entities.

“The issue of trying to portray a wrong picture against the UPND is not good,” he said.

Mr. Chinyimba said people of Mwinilunga are peace-loving and have no grudges against anyone, including the Kanganja family.

Last Wednesday, unknown people destroyed 25 tombstones and attempted to exhume a coffin of a 103-year-old man at Kawiko cemetery in Mwinilunga.


  1. Indeed it is not right to potray a wrong picture any political party because they are both bad and good members of any political or social organisation.

  2. We don’t expect you to say YES IT WAS UPND, do we. So don’t fall into the trap of answering off the cuff. “No comment, police are investigating” is better. That way whatever the results, you won’t need to retract or give excuses.

  3. It is some mad man, mentally ill, ishulu. They always do that, because the mental patients see ghosts, they easily pick up fights with the dead.

  4. Peace loving people do not descrate burial sites or damage tombstones. There is no excuse for what happened and all Mwinilunga people, Upnd or whatever, should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder development has taken so long to reach these places.


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