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Abuse of Antibiotics by the general public mainly through self-prescription worries Masebo

Health Abuse of Antibiotics by the general public mainly through self-prescription worries Masebo

Government is concerned at the level of abuse of medicines, especially antibiotics by the general public, which has led to anti-microbial resistance, a situation it describes as retrogressive.

In a statement last evening , Minister of Health Silvia Masebo says government has noted that anti-biotics, in particular, are being abused by the general public mainly through self-prescription, which has led to anti-microbial resistance and has called on members of the public to desist from abusing medicines.

“As an individual, your role in fighting antimicrobial resistance includes: Not self-prescribe; always finish you course as prescribed by a qualified physician; eating or selling animal and plant products that have been cleared of antimicrobials (ask your veterinary or agricultural officers on withdrawal period following antimicrobial or pesticide use); keeping your hands and environment clean to prevent infections, avoid getting sick, and prevent spreading germs, ” she said.

Meanwhile Mrs. Masebo has disclosed that Zambia has in the last 24 hours recorded a total number of Ninety-Seven (97) new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported out of the Six Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty (6,630) tests conducted, reflecting a positivity rate of 1.5%.

She further disclosed that the country has recorded a total number of sixty (60) recoveries from both the COVID facilities and home management, bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to two hundred and two thousand and three hundred and ninety two ( 204,323) and recovery rate of 98%.

Mrs. Masebo said the country recorded no new COVID-19 death, which brought the total number of deaths to three thousand, six hundred and thirty nine (3,639) and that currently, there are six hundred and thirty-seven (637) active cases of COVID19 under community management and in COVID isolation centres.

She has further disclosed that in the last 24 hours, a total number of 2,681 doses of Johnson and Johnson, 383 Dose 1 and 5,501 Dose 2 AstraZeneca and 42 Doses of Sinopharm were administered, bringing the total number of vaccinations administered to 661,699, broken down by dose type as follows: 313,665 Dose 1 vaccinations and 348,034 fully vaccinated, of which 211,116 (61%) are the single dose J&J vaccinations.


  1. Sylvia is right about the reliance on antibiotics by Zambians for even a simple cold. But she should reprimand pharmacies: you can get them over the counter no problem. In any other country you need a prescription. So the Minister should change the regulations!

  2. What Sylvia needs to interrogate is the genesis of this situation. At most private clinics the minimum amount you pay to see a clinical officer is K150 who will give a prescription to buy amoxyl at K12. At a government clinic you pay K10 for an exercise book that costs 50 ngwee at Kanthemba and after being on the queue for hours you still get a similar prescription to buy the same amoxyl at K12. Mothers that frequent clinics now even know the kind of medicine that will be prescribed on every visit! So instead of wasting money at a private clinic run buy a civil servant patients get straight to drug stores to buy these medicines. The same applies in the 2nd scenario, why waste time at at government clinic? People even keep these medicines at home in case a child falls sick in the night. So…

  3. #1 You are right. Some pharmacies even have a prescription medicine counter but they still dispense these medicines to people without prescription notes. Inspectors, like agriculture extension officers and others only operate from their offices. In fact if they were active we would not be having the drug shortages in hospitals. It’s not a secret most medicines sold in these pharmacies are free government institutions. The inspector only needs to ask for purchase details of the drugs and if no paperwork is available, the owner must be taken to task.

  4. About 9M Zambians are eligible to be vaccinated. Therefore, from these statistics the vaccine uptake is pathetically low. The main reason most Zambians haven’t taken the vaccines is the conspiracy theory. Zambians elect to follow people that are less knowledgeable. I was shocked to listen to a clip by Pastor Nervers Sekwila Mumba in which he disparaged vaccines and some gullible Zambians have chosen to listen to him. Even some health care service providers haven’t taken the vaccines! There are many nurses that haven’t taken the vaccines and they’re busy discouraging their families! The 3rd wave killed several people and that’s what caused some to take the vaccines. A 4th wave is imminent and it may be too late for some people

  5. The new damn Ministry of Health should address what causes the public to abuse antibiotics. Please for now work on a budget and budget execution which will ensure that appropriate drugs are available in health facilities. Work on avoiding the current situation where medical professionals prescribe drugs which are not available at medical centres and even in pharmacies !!

  6. I concur with the honourable minister regarding the use of antibiotics. I have seen people rush for antibiotics even without a prescription. The ministry needs to check these pharmacies who are also abusing these medications.

  7. Could Doc Mujajati tell us about that suggested dosage from somewhere in the West that actually finishing a course of antibiotics is not really necessary. The dogma to complete a course of antibiotics has been challenged friends. What is important is to actually see a doctor before you buy the darn drugs.


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