Thursday, February 29, 2024

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair arrives in Zambia


Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has arrived in the country.

Mr Blair arrived at about 18:30 hours at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, aboard a chartered plane.

He was received by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo and the Permanent Secretary, Chalwe Lombe.

Mr Blair is tomorrow expected to hold a consultative meeting with President Hakainde Hichilema at State House.

Mr Blair served as British Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007.


  1. These are the rulers of Zambia as it stands today.
    They lay down in anticipation that one day the big enjured lion will fall on its knees and beg for their help.
    The self-sustaining lion turned a begging hyena. The case of Zambia.

  2. Please be careful with B-liar he is more than a former PM but he has probably representing some big Global business entities

  3. Our chance to negotiate the best deals for ourselves from the East and West are getting bright by the day. The US just pivoted to full re-engagement in Asia by signing to share submarine nuclear technology with Australia. Let Zambia be the center of the pivot in Africa. We don’t have to be puppets if we play our cards right. And please spare me the naïve…we must stand alone rhetoric. It is as unrealistic as it is childish.

  4. This is very high level visit. We are moving from fossil fuel to copper. Interesting time to live with anticipation for a turn around economy.

  5. Ati new dawn. More like stooges for the imperial masters. Now you know why the western world were funding that sell out hh. He sold our parastatals during privatisation for peanuts. The same people he worked with are now back because they know that their blackboy is back in power and they can control him. Who do you think funded all those elections losses? They are now here to claim back what they gave that boy hh. Zambia is now colonised again. I am glad I have homes abroad and in Africa..I cannot live under colonialists

  6. Look at this bab00n tarino. After misleading his illiterate fellow tribalists to vote for imperial masters stooge, he is now saying be careful. You are a f00Iish boy

  7. Isn’t this the same guy who took a war to the middle-east over bogus claims of WMDs? Bally please keep your 6th sense loaded for this meeting.

  8. @Tarino Orange
    Now you are sensing danger….you live in the UK and you know how the British are….ZAMBIA IS BEING AUCTIONED

  9. Robert Mugabe is turning in his grave from whats happening to Zambia….Zambians fought hard for independence and fast forward to 2021 we still begging the white and eventually they will take over again

  10. @Saulosi… get over your emotions and posture of victim hood. Opportunities and solutions have no color. Somehow you are not worried about communicating in English…. in case you don’t know, that is the Whiteman’s language. Yet you use it because you can communicate with many people at once.

    In the same way we can negotiate trade/loan/skills etc deals that work in our best interest.

  11. could we see elites such as this under Lungu and the corrupt pf? H*ll no! What would they discuss? HH has really put us on the global stage–a great time to be Zambian! The pf cadres here are just red with envy.

  12. Oh how i wish PM Tony Blair had deported that LT troll Kaizar Zulu with him into Zambia.Anyway welcome to Zambia let’s talk trade,investment and tourism business.

  13. China is giving the west headache ..Chiba is 20 steps ahead of the west…every time the go to a third world they arrive at airports belt by chinese with a loan from china. Roads by china rails, etc….them where busy calling us monkeys , $h1t holes countries but china looked us as partners to do business with… im just passing through magnificent heroes belt by who…you guess

  14. Saulosi – This man is hated in England ..I doubt he can walk the streets in any city centre without being egged he has more chance of being cheered in Sierra Leone where they are forever grateful to him ..he is also a very rich from his personal activities like public speaking. He is a broker he has come for something.

  15. Redi – China has you were it wants you it owns you it has you for lack of a better words it has you by the balls …dont think for a second that the Chinks dont call you names. just go and see their TV adverts where soap turns black people into pale people washing off their black skin, You are very gullible..why do you think HH is quiet on Chinese loans …they have non disclosure clauses in them.
    Wake up from your folly!!

  16. The inferiority complexes here are astounding. Think of yourselves as EQUALS with everyone in the world now and stop being victims of colonialism. Look at how Kagame is respected around the world. If you are still that inferior you will be running from everyone every day of your lives.

  17. Bally was given a mandate to serve the interests of Zambia and its people by the majority of voters thus placing him in plot one! Let whomever has interests in Zambia come forth and declare them and team HH has to steadfastly remain true to Zambia and her people in meeting aspirations and national development. Those that court doom and failure in otherwise seemingly positive interactive developments harbor hearts of wizards and witches! I am for now exercising lots of patience as events unfold driven by the “New Dawn.” No one starts complaining about high or low temperatures as dawn breaks day but as sun makes its journey across the sky so begin the changes!

  18. Friendly reminder ba Zambians : Tony Blair is a war criminal he lied bigtime then thousands died from an illegal war.He’s a fraud .

  19. Tony bLAIR should not be entertained. He is so tainted. Stupidily Chakwera of malawi has retained his services as his personal consultant. A murderer of Gadafi.
    Hh you dealing with a scoundrel

  20. Criminals are back…The problem Zambians don’t like reading the record of this man is bad..USA and UK destroyed Libya took the gold reserves of 150 billion dollars to themselves. Libya is in a mess today because of two hard core criminals… They are coming to loot Zambia, what is disheartening Zambians are passive.

  21. In his resentment of the western countries Edgar China Lungu sold out Zambia to the Chinese, and ran up this huge debt. If you don’t want for China to own everything, you will have to talk to the west again – and you end up talking to IMF, World Bank, and to private companies represented by people like Tony Blair. In the coming weeks you will see more private jets land at KKIA……..

  22. We should not be celebrating Tony Blair’s arrival. We should be very concerned!
    His intentions are not honourable for Zambia.

  23. With the current Zambian mentality, how can this country ever move forward
    We need help yet who ever comes to advise or help is down trodden and ridiculed
    If we that confident why dont we run everything in Zambia like KK’s days
    Perhaps then we will finally realise we not that competent

  24. U don’t influence the world by disengaging from it. Tony Blair can help open doors for us. It’s only those who don’t know how the world works who can criticise this visit.

  25. He does hold a lot of baggage and is hated by many but Blair represents big business interests of the west………..

    He makes business connections all round the world for western interests………

    There is nothing wrong with seeing what they have to offer……….

  26. Finally they have seen opportunity to control us again. Tony Blair and G. Bush should be condenmed for human rights violation and torture they caused in Middle east. I see why Mugabe refused to give power to a white puppet Morgan Mswangirai, Zambia will be a case study soon.

  27. Zambia doesn’t need help but equal partners, to do business help is not what we want since we have what they are looking for.
    Africa look up and think deeper and not on the surface these guys don’t do what they say but do what they hide at the back of their minds.

  28. Remember PF was receiving the likes of former US President George Bush. ECL met the President of US at the White House, not Vice President BUT President. Mulekutika….

  29. Mr Blair like Gen Obasanjo are business men supporting another business man. The Queen of England has visited our once one party dictatorship don’t forget.

  30. Mr Blair, where is your friend Mr Bush ? The two of you belong to jail. How many people have you killed world wide in the name of Democracy and human rights while ignoring the Israel genocide against Palestine.

  31. Amazing how he is even being covered. This man is making millions brokering deals for his mates like they do. Cameron is doing the same. When are we ever going to wake up as Africans? He chattered a plane. That should speak volumes but hey!!!

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