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Over 700 chickens worth over K100, 000 have die in a road accident in Kapiri Mposh

General News Over 700 chickens worth over K100, 000 have die in a road...

Over 700 chickens worth over K100, 000 have perished in a road accident in Kapiri Mposhi District along the Great North road.

The accident happened around mid-night at Sacramento area, three point eight Kilo metres south of Kapiri Mposhi administrative centre.

Speaking to ZANIS at the scene of the accident, owner of the birds and Lusaka businessman, Douglas Shamabumba said the Kasumbalesa bound Hino light truck registration number BAD 6387 swerved off the road killing over 700 birds in the process.

Mr Shamabumba said the truck was carrying 1, 600 layers with an estimated K160, 000 market value, destined for Kasumbalesa.

He complained that the accident has robbed him of the anticipated profits and a setback to his business.

He attributed the accident to the bad state of the road, adding that it gets slippery when it rains.

Mr Shamabumba has appealed to government to work on the Kabwe – Kapiri Mposhi stretch of the Great North road to harness road carnages in save lives.

“The accident happened around 24:00 hours when a truck carrying 1, 600 layers swerved off the road. The road is very bad and gets slippery when it rains,” Mr Shamabumba said.

“The accident has robbed me of the anticipated profits. The government should consider working on the road to protect the traveling public from accidents,” he added.

And driver of the truck, Arnold Chigali, of Simbaye Farm in Lusaka West, said the poor state of the road caused the motor vehicle to swerve off the road.

Mr Chigali said government should look into the plight of transporters and work on the road.

The driver complained of pain the right hand shoulder but no human life was lost in the accident.


  1. LOL. This headline is funny. Chickens are worth a lot of money I guess (thinking about getting into that business now).
    This article doesn’t make much sense though, 700 chickens die when the car swerves off the road? It doesn’t flip over, simply swerves off the road and the chickens die?
    The driver sustains pain in his shoulder after the car swerves off the road?
    Also, can’t those chickens be still dressed now?

  2. Upnd is even sacrificing chickens. Is blood for chickens good. This country is heading for doom. For the first to hear chickens being sacrificed.

  3. First rains require a different driving style. You mean all these years you goons don’t know moyendesa mootoka when the first rains drop. A mambala you have now killed the chickens prematurely.

  4. So the business man and the driver admit that the road is dangerous, slippery after rain. Why not take it easy on the gas pedal??? You have to take the lose and move on. Next time don’t rush and also why not just kill and freeze the birds before transporting???

    • Freshest food concept. Kwina ku maiko like India, Qatar na Japan fresh fish means alive a few minutes before you paid. True story. Ba gulisa nsomba mu fish tank mu vanette so wadabwa!

  5. Many other people also use the road but they don’t all swerve off the road. Yes the road may be bad but driver is equally to blame.

  6. K100,000 for 700 chickens? I know prices have gone up, but more than K140 per chicken? Were they made of gold?

  7. This is sad. For those with side chicks, just imagine how you would feel if 700 of your side chicks all died at the same time

  8. No corruption I see that you are still the same old d.l.c.k head that you have always been. When will you grow up?

    As for kanjimano you are right that politics has nothing to do with this. My comment is not political, just the home truth. Hh promised heaven on earth and quality roads during his campaign. So why are people dying under the new dawn.

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