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Civil Servants urged to uphold professionalism

Rural News Civil Servants urged to uphold professionalism

North-Western Province Minister, Robert Lihefu has called on Civil Servants to uphold professionalism and deliver quality services to the people.

Mr. Lihefu said Civil Servants play an important role in national development hence the need for them to uphold a professional code of ethics in high esteem.

He said this during a meeting with Civil Servants in the Mufumbwe district yesterday.

Mr Lihefu said the government expects Civil Servants to be of high integrity, selfless, loyal and impartial in their delivery of service.

“As a government we expect you to be professional, don’t abuse your offices or your powers vested in you,” he said

Mr Lihefu has further encouraged Civil Servants to utilize resources prudently and ensure they benefit the intended people.

He said for meaningful development to be attained in the region there is a need for Civil Servants to serve the people with patriotism.

“Acquaint ourselves with the UPND manifesto so that as you implement your departmental programmes they are online with our party developmental agenda,” Mr. Lihefu said.

And Acting District Commissioner, Boswell Mweenda said all the 5,500 small-scale farmers who are beneficiaries under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) have deposited their 40 percent to access the inputs.

Mr. Mweemba informed the minister that so far 9,756 x 50 kilogramme bags of basal and 9,756 x 50 kilogram bags of top dressing fertilizer has been distributed to the farmers.

He said the district is at 80 percent progress in terms of farmer inputs distribution for the 2021-2022 farming season.


  1. In the first week of inauguration these servants changed for the better…. reported early for work, served without asking for iya drink..it was a breath of fresh air. Alas that was just a front. We are back to NORMAL. If I were in charge, instead of getting rid of PSs I would have gone for these officers. Even at ZRA, there’s a system but you see people going straight to the counter instead of following the system. The tree is rotten at the bottom.


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