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President Hichilema off to DRC

Headlines President Hichilema off to DRC

President Hakainde Hichilema has left Zambia for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

President Hakainde Hichilema said that the official outing to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is aimed at consolidating trade ties between the two countries.

President Hichilema said that he will also take time to discuss with his counterpart, Felix Tshiekedi who is also African Union Chairperson, various issues around the shared common border.

The President said that the DRC visit is also key as Zambia and that country have outstanding issues including border disputes in Chienge district among others.

Speaking before departure in Lusaka today, the President said the visits to neighbouring countries will continue for a while as the country reinforces peace, security, trade, and investments.

He said bilateral ties will further extend to the two countries cooperating in the manufacturing of components for electric vehicles using minerals like copper.

And President Hichilema has described it as a balancing act, the nullification of elections of some PF Members of Parliament.

The President reminded those lamenting that UPND MPs elections were also nullified in the past with some of his members complaining that as party President he was not doing anything.

President Hichilema has also encouraged anyone with information on corruption deeds by his members to report to relevant authorities for action.

He warned that anyone found wanting will not be spared.

And the President has said that Zambians should expect more of his international trips because he has to pay courtesy calls especially to neighboring countries because it’s procedural for any new President.

Responding to journalists before departure to the DRC at the ZAF Airport base in Lusaka today, the Head of State said the international trips are also aimed at facilitating trade among other things. He said his next visit will be to neighboring Malawi.

He however reiterated that his international trips do not indicate that he has abandoned his domestic duties.


  1. Ati expect more trips being a new president. Nullification ati an act of balance. Zambia is headed for doom. The unexpected will happen soon.

    Ati travelling doesn’t mean I have abandoned my duties. Who is benefiting?

  2. Ba Kakwendo munjila bapyamo futi. Look at how excited the man looks to leave behind numerous problems at home and jump on the presidential plane. I thought he was going to travel commercial to the DRC as per campaign promise.

  3. There is now working from home, no need for global trotting.
    How about we get some work done at home before we start visiting other peoples homes.

  4. Himself criticized previous presidents being the moving presidents and he called them absent landlords. In less than 3 months in office, this president has been to:
    25th September he visits USA,
    1st November he visits UK,
    Few days ago, he was in South Africa,
    3 days ago, he was in Botswana and now
    Today, he is in DRC.

  5. When HH travels, there are other adults left in charge of the country. We need goodwill from our neighbors in order to do business. Clearly, not everyone will be in a position to understand the leadership and power dynamics around personal presence and a hand shake. That’s why our education needs to move beyond rote memorization and regurgitation of useless facts. One can’t see how far a man on top of a mountain sees from a “vantage” point at the bottom…especially when you don’t even know you stand at the bottom of the mountain.

  6. DR Congo is a very important neighbor and its very difficult dealing with Congolese because to them any deal whether official or not they want to benefit from it individually and sure the Zambian delegation should ensure all loop holes are completely sealed. No leakages.

  7. Continuation and change of colors from green to red….Kikikikikiki Spaka is frustrated with his President now he has resorted to insults Kikikikikiki…..now he has finally realized that HH is just a Politician….the dollar is almost K20…kikikikikiki load shedding is on the rise…and what about Jobs….

  8. He was criticized when he made his first trip to the USA, some people suggested, he should have visited neighbouring countries. When he visits the neighbouring countries, the same people are up again critizing. What is it that you are criticizing bane? With all due respect, bloggers, the USA trip bore results = 30mil increase in USAID + COVID vaccine delivered yesterday, that is an achievement in itself that needs acknowledging. The Glasgow trip also had tangible results, including bilateral meetings to support the GRZ economical Agenda. The president mentioned why DRC was critical, to INCREASE Zambian EXPORTS. A few bloggers here in the past highlighted the border challenges that Zambia had with DRC, that was impacting trade. And the president has said he wants to resolve those border…

  9. CONT`D: A few bloggers here in the past highlighted the border challenges that Zambia had with DRC, that was impacting trade. And the president has said he wants to resolve those border disputes. That is a benefit to Zambia, so why this spree of hate and criticism ? Is it just because people criticized ECL? ECL was criticized for a reason that is different from this president. ECL was in leadership for 7 years, while HH is 4months, and he needs to make contacts. From ECL trips, there was NO tangible results, except glorious parties being thrown out for PF cadres. The country was defaulting and there was NO solution, so there was no reason for travelling only to hold parties. In the ECL era, there were too many unexplained purchases, that were just a waste of money, BUT YOU CANT say the…

  10. See why he was evnying ECL ka?
    I said it, talk is cheap.
    It’s like we a travel enabler at state house. Can’t help it. He has now damped commercial flights.

  11. President HH should take this opportunity to engage the Congolese President to realise the construction of the Bridge across Luapula R. so as to enhance trade. Since Hon. N. Chilangwa as for former Luapula Minister has been instrumental to get this bridge constructed, HH should have the wisdom to also get Hon Mweetwa (Southern Province Minister) network with Hon. Chilangwa to realise the construction of Hydro-power stations over the Luapula River and the Batoka Gorge on the Zambezi. These 2 hydroelectric projects will make Zambia a net exporter of electricity in Southern Africa.

  12. Nos. 14 and 15 General Kanene, these hate filled PF bloggers will criticize anything and everything HH does. That’s their main mission in life, no logical or sense in how they view him, just hate.
    That said, who took over the main hater Kaizer’s handle??? Professional and not hate-filled comments on HH? Wonders never cease!

  13. At this rate of travelling HH will top the list of most travelled president in Zambia. This is going to be a drain on financial resources of the country. He does not care about others except himself. He can even go on the bus to London as long as he gets his travel allowances. He is blinding his worshippers that he travels on commercial flights but his main goal is his allowances.


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