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Green Party doubts if the Government will 30,000 teachers this year


The Green Party has expressed doubt whether the new dawn government will actualize the recruitment of 30,000 teachers this year.

The Ministry of Education recently disclosed that it will only embark on the recruitment of 30,000 teachers after the completion of about 115 stalled school infrastructure projects in the country.

Speaking to a local radio station Hot FM, Party President Peter Sinkamba said that the contradicting statements from the government clearly show that the pronouncement to recruit teachers was merely political rhetoric.

Mr. Sinkamba said that government does not have adequate resources to recruit such a huge number of workers and this decision will demoralize the unemployed youths who were promised jobs this year.

And speaking on Radio Phoenix on Friday, Mr Sinkamba questioned the sincerity of the new dawn administration’s talk of prudent use of national resources when President Hakainde Hichilema continues to make several international trips.

Mr. Sinkamba said that president Hichilema’s recent trip to South Africa which got social media talking is an abuse of the presidency after he travelled to that country for a purported courtesy call when in fact he went to attend a book launch by his friend Greg Mills.

Mr. Sinkamba said that time will come when the president has to account for several trips other than the trip to the USA, the South African trip for the expo, the climate change summit in the UK and the recent trip to Dubai which are the only business trips made so far.

New Heritage Party leader Chishala Kateka
New Heritage Party leader Chishala Kateka

His sentiments were echoed by New Heritage Party President Chishala Kateka who advised President Hakainde Hichilema to reduce international travel and work towards addressing the country’s challenges.

Ms. Kateka has observed that international travels are not doing Zambians any good amidst the high cost of living and that while it is important for the Head of State to travel to woo investors, he should also make efforts to enhance the business environment in Zambia.


  1. Oh yeah… propaganda will claim people have been recruited meanwhile no one will have been employed. Like those healing sessions where the pastor moves with his ” lame” people to be cured in front of the gullible congregation.

  2. But I do agree with the Green Party – government will struggle to find 30k teachers: especially in the rural areas teachers will be hard to find. Bad or no housing, without power and/or water, no network coverage; I would also say “no thank you”.

  3. #3 For rural areas just send White teachers there and you will see how many Zambians will be willing to work there despite the harsh conditions.

  4. This dark government is full of lame excuses. Anyway Hakainde has got what he wanted.

    He doesn’t care anymore but he will continue adding fake promises.

  5. PF knew what they were doing. You cannot recruit teachers when you do not have schools where to deploy them. For that reason Edgar embarked on building schools in all provinces. And it was only after this is done then you can talk about employing more teachers. But UPND lied about emplying teachers in january 2022 . IT WAS ANOTHER LIE LIKE MANY OTHER LIES THEY TOLD US. 30000 Teachers???? It was just another lie.

  6. One parties still talking, UPND will not be a failed project like the PF that promised more money in peoples pockets and for ten years there was no money in the commons pockets. Thanks to UPND, even one man parties have voices now

  7. The way these clowns rushed to predict that free education would fail is the same way the same clowns are predicting the recruitment of teachers will not happen. Comedic opposition zoona. Specialised in hoping government policy does not work.

  8. USA or other advanced countries take advantage of their embassies instead of physically visiting each and every country to foster cooperation.

  9. “The Green Party has expressed doubt whether the new dawn government will actualize the recruitment of 30,000 teachers this year” UNLESS OFCOURSE GRZ ALLOWS THE CULTIVATION AND EXPORT OF CANNABIS ON A LARGE SCALE …

  10. loudd – PF were not only reckkless but incompetent and didnt know what they were doing and didnt have the capacity to think of it or raise that kind of money …I mean this is the reason most of these projects stalled poor planning. People need to be remained about the rotten PF regime as some people have memories of fish who come back to swallow the same fisherman’s hook with a juicy worm.

  11. Not only does Zambia have 115 stalled school infrastructure projects. PF upgraded many primary schools into secondary schools without any expansion on existing infrastructure. Upgraded schools will also require expansion of school infrastructure and new school equipment (i.e. laboratory equipment) and furniture for them to run efficiently and effectively. UPND should first have done a needs assessment of the educational sector before publicly announcing what it intended to do to reduce the teacher-pupil ratio. Otherwise, the failure to recruit the 30, 000 teachers will make them look to be liars. There are more problems on the ground within the education sector than UPND envisaged. For instance, upgraded schools will need new establishments. In addition, teachers that have upgraded their…

  12. … qualifications need to be re-assessed and placed within their appropriate salary scales and money will have to be found to pay them correct salaries. In some cases, teachers have upgraded their qualifications and have been re-assessed but have not been placed in appropriate salary scales and are still receiving old salaries that are not commensurate with their new qualifications. In both cases, teachers need to be placed in appropriate scales and begin to receive new salaries before new teachers can be employed. Furthermore, the administration of the upgraded schools needs to be clearly streamlined in terms of who heads the primary and secondary sections, as well as the entire school.

  13. Yes, I would not blame you too, but the reason you are doubting is because you did not believe such a good thing as free education was possible., no cadres harassing people in streets, Pensioners are paid, Free speech tolerated to very high levels, etc etc. I know when the Teachers are recruited, you will not tell the Nation that Bally is working and keeping his promises… That is how un fair you become…

  14. Stop rumour mongering Mr Marijuana and twisting facts for your Political gain. When Minister of Finance announced budget he was very categorical that a lot of vacancies are there especially in rural areas where one teacher was meant to run the whole school. A sad situation he lamented..

  15. The best thing to happen was to have UPND in government, imagine if the jokers we kicked out had another 5 years, this country was going to be a proper failed state

  16. Point well noted mr. Ganjaman. Your observation is real and true to all well meaning Zambians. Can you imagine this baal trying to circle the world in only 5 months? He has managed to visit all the continents of this world single handedly with no result to show for it. He is a cheat who thinks he has achieved one single project.
    He is simply a dreamer made president.
    Quel négro impossible !

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