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Nakacinda appears in Solwezi Magistrate court

General News Feature General Nakacinda appears in Solwezi Magistrate court

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Raphael Nakacinda has appeared before the Solwezi Magistrate Court for mention.

This is in a matter in which Mr. Nakacinda has been charged with one count of Defamation of the President and one count of expressing words of contempt or Ridicule to persons because of race, location and color.

Mr. Nakacinda arrived at the court premises at around 09:30 hours with his legal team amidst heavy Police presence.

Solwezi Principal Resident Magistrate Tamala Kakusa  has set July 8, 2022 as the day for mention in the second count of expressing words of contempt or Ridicule to persons because of race, location,and color.

Last month, Mr. Nakacinda was apprehended by Police at his residence in Kafue District and taken to Solwezi to answer to the two counts levelled against him.

This is after a Solwezi Resident Bruce Kanema reported Mr. Nakacinda at Solwezi Central Police Station for issuing derogatory tribal remarks against the Tonga people.


  1. The other pending complaint against Nakachinda is in Chama District. When will Zambia police take him there – the law is visiting those exercising freedom of expression WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY.

  2. And *****s are clapping.. This is sad. I thot this new doom government said they will set the bar so high that it will be hard to any other political party to replace em but kanshi its a kantemba Party…Same old, same old..2026 is not a 70years from now. someone will faint.

  3. United Pungwas of National Disaster (UPND) are on war path to silence the voice for the voiceless.

  4. Failures don’t deal with criticism well. Their insecurities lead them to persecuting anyone who voices concerns and offers them checks and balances. F00Is. They will be kicked out in the next elections. Sensie Zambians regret voting them in

  5. Very good………..

    The PF only understand the language of lies, violence and corruption………..

    Since UPND don’t inflict lies or violence on them, let the police deal with them………..

    The airwaves have had no lies , defermations and false accusations ever since lusambo, tiyai and nakachinda have been reporting to the police………….

  6. So in short he has become a judicial tourist? These practices are not good for democracy. However, people should respect themselves and avert the temptation to swear at a Head of State for the sole purpose of appearing brave. If you are brave, you can argue your points to a better extent and influence change.

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