Monday, June 17, 2024

Zambia to endeavor to adopt a Social Solidarity Economy-Labour Minister


Labour and Social Security Minister Brenda Tambatamba has said that Zambia will endeavor to adopt the social solidarity economy to help promote decent wages for the workers and job creation.

Social and solidarity economy is increasingly used as an umbrella concept, which refers to the production and exchange of goods and services by a broad range of organizations and enterprises that pursue explicit social and/or environmental objectives.

Ms. Tambatamba said the new dawn government has welcomed the proposed social solidarity economy for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations and will also adopt the document in its policies and the international labor standards that will benefit the workers.

Addressing Journalists at a media briefing today, Ms. Tambatamba said her Ministry will take into account the conclusion of the general conference when reviewing the policy that seeks to advance decent work.

Zambia recently attended the International Labour Conference held in Geneva Switzerland where resolutions to uphold workers’ rights and adopt the world’s best practices for the betterment of workers were passed.

And National Pension Scheme Authority Director-General Munyangwa Munyangwa said the authority is looking at options to address the issue of sustainability among the workers and how it will protect the members in their old


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