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Shepolopolo Make FIFA World Cup Debut


Shepolopolo Zambia have stormed the semifinals of the Women’s Africa Cup after edging Senegal 4-2 on penalties following a 1-1 draw in extra time in the first quarterfinal match on Wednesday night.

The quarterfinal win has helped Zambia to qualify to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Coach Bruce Mwape’s girls came from a goal down and recovered from a disallowed late goal to overcome Senegal.

Zambia almost won the game in regulation time only for the referee to cancel an own goal by Senegal for offside against Grace Chanda in the 81st minute.

After a goalless first half, Senegal led in the 60th minute when unmarked Nguenar Ndiaye headed in a free kick.

Striker Avell Chitundu brought back Zambia into the game after pouncing on a mistake by Senegalese goalkeeper Tenning Sene when she failed to deal with Lushomo Mweemba’s free kick after 69 minutes.

Zambia is unbeaten at the WAFCON in Morocco.


    • Congratulations are in order. However the issues have not been resolved. Issues are
      1. We have not qualified to the AFCON for the last three editions.

      2. The Barbara issue. Mr Kamanga and CAF officials views are different concerning Barbara. Who is telling the truth?

    • @1 kamanga still remains a disgrace even to you whom i can describe as a disgrace as well. I watched the celebrations after the game they were all saying they were playing for BB11. To me, this should shower shame to kamanga who seem to have done nothing for BB11. All football associations on earth are judged based the performance of senior men’s teams and this is not good for your dam.n god AK.

  1. As long as upnd are in power, zambia won’t win any competition. Mark my words. They won’t win the final

    • Shame on you. This is nothing to do with party in government. This shows only how narrow minded the PF have been, they’re and they will ever be

  2. The comments by @Kaizar Zulu shows completely how much confused thinking or reduced ability to appreciate the hard displayed by the daughters of Zambia. I can hope @Kaizar Zulu get help sooner than next year. Mental health problems are actually very common and affect everyone, but for KZulu the rating for his issue is 8.9 /10.

  3. Kaizar stop bringing politics onto the soccer field. Just support the team HH or no HH. Even the useless Kamanga team should be set aside for the sake of the girls

    • Congratulations to girls. Thanks girls. you have brought dignity to Zambia once again. Congratulations coach Mwape. God bless you sir with your girls. President HH thanks for giving our lovely girls and their coach the support they needed.

  4. Well done, they seem to have practiced taking penalties. Let this motivate other women in Zambia to join football clubs. At the World Cup more players will be needed, especially taller and physical ones similar to Ochumba Lubanji and Lushomo Mweemba. They struggled in this game against Senegal because of the taller, more physical Senegalese women. During the Olympics, that was the reason why we were conceding 5 or 6 goals against the taller likes of Netherlands and Brazil women. Let us prepare for that this time, for the 2023 World Cup in New Zealand / Australia.

  5. Fellow bloggers, why are we saying Kamanga is responsible for the Copper Queens’ success?
    FAZ made sure that they arrived in Morocco on time and had some friendly games. The issue of Barbra Banda, Rachael Nachula, and Rachel Kundanaji is not the fault of FAZ. FIFA has allowed these players to participate but it seems CAF has a hidden agenda.

    Iyee, the current Chipolopolo boys are a bunch of hooligans, a total disappointment. They watch a lot of Premier League, La Liga, or Bundesliga and in the end, they think like can compete at that level. They are not serious. See the last game with Botswana on how many chances they missed?
    To the girls, Congratulations.
    Australia-New Zealand 2023, the Copper Queens are coming.

  6. KZulu what are you saying? We are talking football and not politics. Your ignorance is too expensive for the learned Zambians, go and sell your ignorance somewhere else. Zambians are far above your narrow mindedness ba PF.

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