Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Sampa The Great unveils new single “Bona”


Later this summer, Sampa The Great will release her new album As Above, So Below. Sampa recorded the album after moving back to Zambia, the country of her birth. (She was mostly raised in Botswana, and she started her career in Australia.) We’ve already posted “Never Forget” and the Denzel Curry collab “Lane,” and now Sampa has also shared the hard, aggressive workout “Bona.”

“Bona” is inspired by kwaito and amapiano, genres of dance music that Sampa heard while growing up in Botswana. Zambian producer Mag44 made the beat, a fast and minimal piece of club music, and Sampa raps with a speedy confidence over the track. Travys Owen directed the propulsive, glamorous video.

In a press release, Sampa said this about the track ” I haven’t yet shown the influence Botswana has had on me musically; this is the style, language, and swag of Batswana youth. “Bona” is a chance for me to shine light on other elements of music that I was influenced by when growing up, outside of Zambian music. I want to bring a Southern African anthem to the mix and DJ desks and show that there’s an array of music coming out of Africa on top of Afrobeats.”

SOURCE : stereogum.com/


  1. They are so many who like the banana woman, this one also looks like Mary.
    So that was not Mary at all.

  2. I was shocked when I saw KK and Zambian landmarks in this video “Never Forget” on BET Soul the other day…impressive video!!

  3. Something that has already been done and is being done becomes impressive because some inferior asylum seekers see it on BET. you can also tell the IQ of an individual by the type of TV channel the watch. Only low IQ Africans watch channels like BET.I have banned it in my home and require my kids to watch znbc and all international news sites.

    • BET is a black channel established by Black people to highlight their achievements in whatever field. This was because blacks were receiving selective and negative coverage on all whiteowned media. Any black man who despises black efforts at empowering themselves is a coconut

    • You mean a channel controlled by Black Americans who see themselves superior to you? Why can’t you support your own and make your own channels successful before trying to save the world? Your thinking shows why Africans remain poor . Anything American is cooler to you than your own home grown. Fuseke

    • Kaizer Kuti waloloko nama fuseke yobe. When did they ever portray themselves as superior or is it your own inferiority complex guiding you to that thought? When my own channel plays what the Europeans are playing you want me to support that? And if you are really Kaizer Zulu why do you call yourself by that silly name? There are so many African names you could have picked but because of your inferiority complex you chose Kaizer and then go on to accuse BET supporters as looking for cooler stuff. Pay back Samuteba’s money

    • @umuchona he is not Kaizer although the thinking is just as stooped. Very one track minded and quick on the draw. Shooting shallow trash and thinking he is cleverer than all. If he comes back to Lusaka we’ll have more garbage. I hope he remains in the UK where he begs for a living

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