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Zambia Land Alliance expresses sadness of the demolition of over 300 houses


The Zambia Land Alliance is saddened by Chingola Municipal Council’s move to demolish structures built illegally at Kasope Airstrip.

Commenting on this development, Kitwe District Land Alliance Coordinator Felix Chioya has said that despite issues of encroachment on airstrip and aviation being a threat to national security, there is need for the local authorities to be proactive in monitoring upcoming structures.

He feels the increase in issues of land encroachments in the country is due to delay by the government through cabinet to ensure approval and subsequent adoption of the national land policy and monitoring by local authorities to alleviate the ever-rising cases of land administration.

Chingola Municipal Council demolished over 300 structures, illegally built on the Kasompe Airstrip, a land on title and belonging to Zambia Civil Aviation Authority.

In a statement made available to the media, Chingola Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Evelyn Mulenga, ssaid that the land in question was not allocated by the local council and structures were erected without planning permission from the local authority.

Ms. Mulenga said that the municipality, through the department of Development Planning issued enforcement notices on 15th February, 2022 for the developers to suspend all works and demolish the structures within a period of 28 days.

Residents whose houses have been demolished say the plots from where they had erected structures were allocated to them by the local authority.


  1. This is what upnd are good at, pulling people down and making hard working people suffer whilst they at the top build mansions and continue to live good. At least under pf we gave everyone from every walk of life an opportunity to make it


    • @Kaizar Zupity, this what cleansing corruption looks look. There was too much unimaginable corruption with PF.

  2. This matter should have been dealt with in a humane way. Govt should have considered relocation of the kasompe air strip to another location.
    If they moved the Ndola airport to a more secure place, what is so difficult about this dis used ka Kasompe airstrip? Who needs it any way.?

  3. We are waiting for this ZAF commander to go and destroy properties around Solwezi air port. He must finish what he has started.
    There are a lot of mansions built within the 500m of Lusaka City Airport. Let the General destroy those properties too. We should not just take advantage of poor people!!!

  4. The president cautioned councils against destroying properties when that have advanced. Where they all this long?
    Why not invite the same people to the Civic Center and talk? It just needed a political solution. Not this human catastrophy

  5. I can guarrantee you , soon and very soon you are going to see AN INVESTOR on the same land. Mark my words ……very very soon.

  6. yes we want to see even those houses around lusaka city airport be demolished, and its shocking why start with houses which are very far from the commanders office leaving the ones he see every day , dont be choose when it cames to enforcing the law

  7. Typical of the minister of local govt. This falls directly under his ministry. Have you forgotten how he went and kicked and brought down poor peoples alcohol business. To the extent of even forcing their children to drink kachasu? In the meantime there were lots of bottle stores and bars that have been selling alcohol without licences in Kabwata, Chilenje, Mazabuka, mansa an other places? Are you surprised then that these poor peoples dwellings in Kasompe have been destroyed while, Forest 27 mansions remain intact and more houses continue to be built?

  8. What more important? Protecting Lusaka’s water recharge area in forest 27 or protecting ka KASOMPE airdrome?

  9. City airport is surrounded by by mansions within 500 meters. Some hoses are even high rises and tall flats overlooking the airport. Even commercial buildings have mushroomed around City Airport. If the air commander is worried about security , this is the biggest security threat . Presidents use City airport more regular .Have never heard of a president landing at Kasompe Airdrome!! Not even a minister

  10. This is unfortunately what has destroyed Africa. People cheering on when the law is broken in the name of having a good heart.
    Zambia needs to be a country of laws. No country has ever developed ignoring the law…..

  11. This issue has everything to do with local authorities in Zambia. They see foundations being dug, footing being put, boxes being made, boxes being back filled, slab being done, walls coming up, lintals being done, roofing and the house is complete. After the house is complete, then they move in to demolish, by the way this is not the first time, maybe we can understand that the previous council in Chingola was PF and we know that PF were always at variance with the law but going forward tighten monitoring systems on the ground please. A house is an expensive undertaking, educate and stop buildings even before they go far

  12. Zambia has LOADS of land. Why people want to squeeze into a small locale is really beyond me mwe. Mindsets of swarms is what is killing our move forward. Fungulukani a mambala!

    • Theyre usually attracted by proximity to readily available services
      One is free to go and build in the middle of nowhere perhaps as long as they can afford the costs involved

    • Nero…here in Kitwe were moved from Nkandabwe which is almost on top of the mine. They relocated to Kawana which is off Chingola road
      Now because of the great distance from the town center they trekked back to Nkandabwe one by one until the compound grew even bigger than the previous one

    • They want to showcase their possessions and livelihoods to the neighbours. I remember someone in the neighbourhood who would call out his instructions to his son on top of his voice. Instructing him to go and buy milk and bread for breakfast every morning.

      Such is the mentality behind clustering together. It doesn’t cease to amaze.

  13. Country which hates its own parents.
    Demolition of your parents houses because New Dawn airstrip.
    We thought a white ZAF commander will be better than Lusonbo, Alas… same thugs acts…

  14. Typical disorganisation of African countries catching up with you all.
    Next you all would say building on the runway is ok because someone said we could.
    They were illegal.

  15. But why go and build on a land where you have not obtained any document?? Its a sad development but you can’t blame anyone for your own stupidity

    • Do you really think someone can just wake up and start building on an airstrip without any papers from the Council?

    • With cadres it is possible to give land anywhere, especially in PF regime, people are desperate, the cadres even show fake papers from ‘ the council’ and people get land from them. There is

  16. You can not blame UPND for problems created by PF, if you did not know the illegal structures in Kasompe airstrip are the normal foot prints of the PF, have no doubt about it. Even in the impending bye elections, they are trying to field ineligible candidates, very weak candidates for that matter, they understand the law so well but they will not abide

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