We are not Promoting Gay Rights, says PR Media, the Company behind Lusaka July

Monde and Chishimba Nyambe
Monde and Chishimba Nyambe

PR Media, the company behind Lusaka July and founded by the two sisters Monde and Chishimba Nyambe has said that their company is not promoting gay rights but fashion, but quickly added that they encouraged their guests to interpret themes according to their personality.

In a scathing response to former Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia Mr Emmanuale Mwamba, PR media said that despite the Mr Mwamba believing in them when they met 2018 when Mr Mwamba was Zambia’s Ambassador to South Africa to discuss the Lusaka July and the potential it held to create fashion tourism and increase revenue for the local fashion industry, the former ruling Patritic Front (PF) Government failed to give them backing as creative entrepreneurs.

PR Media heaped praise on the United party for National Development (UPND) Government for, in under a year, offering them support to promote the Lusaka July event to an international audience, adding that they received the support they needed to push Zambian fashion past the borders.

“The effort we are seeing from the new dawn government to support SMEs like us is unprecedented,” the post read before thanking the Ministry of Tourism, and that they are confident that the Lusaka July will soon become one of Africa’s leading fashion events because of the Ministry’s support.

PR media concluded by advising Mr Mwamba to address Zambia’s morality if he is concerned about it without attacking Lusaka July, an event that that they described as feeding many families.

Earlier, Mr Mwamba said accused the event to have been transformed from a fashion show to a staging post and open platform for the LGBTQ community.

Mr. Mwamba said he thought the organisers wanted to replicate the Royal Ascot in England or the Durban July which combines equestrian sport with fashion.

“Clearly when I met the sister’s Monde and Chishimba Nyambe, promoters of the Lusaka July in my office in 2018, the event was far from being a Pride Parade or an LGBTQ Platform.” said Mr.Mwamba

“So my recent opinion, where I have called on the adherence to national values and principles and against the conversion of the Lusaka July to an LGBTQ platform, is properly placed”. he said.

And joining the Lusaka July frail is MMD President Nevers Mumba said that the he Lusaka July event has resurrected the old homosexual and lesbian (LGBTQ) debate in the nation.

Dr Mumba said that the LGBTQ community and its powerful sponsors know that to enter the zambian “market” is no easy task because of our christian values enshrined in the constitution which make it difficult to impose this lifestyle on Zambians.

“Therefore, to introduce this culture in society, the architects will use the arts to try and soften the community to eventually accept the lifestyle.the strategy will be to use the movie and music industries, the fashion industry and the targeting of schools to discretely infuse their views.

“The Lusaka July event has become the first most visible platform to parade the lgbtq community in Zambia. For a christian nation, this is a red flag!!. ” concluded his statement


  1. You have nothing to worry about PR girls, you are only small fish. The main people are the upnd ministerial department and govt who have given blessings to allow you to host this gay e event. Allowing gays is one of the conditions attached to the imf loan.

    We warned you. Now watch your sons bring home Abraham as a future wlfe.

    • Kikiki…..Stop entering your wife through the rear entry. That is a gateway to the other lifestyle. And then you are here purporting to be holy.

    • I do no such thing. Only upnd supporters do such dirty acts. Your president’s party are funded by gays. We don’t know what else he did to get their funds.

    • I dont get this I did not see anyone Bum batting at the Lusaka July … unless I am missing something people seem to just be disturbed with the fact that some men wore make up and styled themselves in a manner we typically consider feminine …. in all that I didnt see anything that was against the law or to stretch it a little against christianity (debatable) … the law is against sodomy get it. All this Hullabaloo is just nonsensical if you compare the stats published on defilements and molestations in this country, there is hardly any uproar in this country ! These if any are cosenting adults

  2. “PR Media heaped praise on the United party for National Development (UPND) Government for, in under a year, offering them support to promote the Lusaka July event to an international audience. ”
    “The effort we are seeing from the new dawn government to support SMEs like us is unprecedented,”
    So why is the UPND Government denying they are not in support this? Are the organizers of that event here not clearly telling us that they have more support from the current government than they had from the previous one?
    All this began with that first official visit to the US where for the first time Zambia’s sitting President met George Soros, a known homosexual behind the OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION that promotes gay rights.

    • Hello Ben lombe. You can be this free to be gay because you know you are protected by hh and upnd who promote your lifestyle

  3. needed to push Zambian fashion past the borders??? I didnt see any Zambian fashions in those pictures. They were European styles coloured in green. Period

  4. It’s not always that a disclaimer will indemnify you. Most of our perceptions are formed as a result of our consistent observation. Just like KZ has put it, you’re just small fry amongst sharks. Wasn’t it recently that we saw rainbow flags flown at some Embassies? We expect to see more at the Roctober Festival. We’re waiting to hear from those that defended those Embassies. We know how the sharks are, nipano tuli

  5. The Alphabet agenda should never be allowed to take root in Zambia. This decadent lifestyle belongs in the West. And if UPND continues to passively support this agenda, they should be voted out in 2026. No homosexuality is Zambia.

  6. There is a good reason why the president has not passed comment on these developments in our country. Remember that pro gay organisations funded and continue to fund his party. You cannot go against the hand that feeds you. Hh promotes this gay

  7. It’s a sham! Copy and paste from Durban July. Why can’t you come up with your own name like lusaka September since it’s held in September.

  8. Kaizer Gayism has no place in Zambia, who ever is behind this July scheme will be revealed and Zambians may look docile but believe me, we act timely. Who knew PF and its criminals would be RED Carded? you really sound like vying for relevance after messing up lives and think you are clever. Just wait for your time as the law catches up.

    • The issue here is that your demigod president and his govt allowed this sausage feast event to go ahead knowing very well that it was a gay event. You are now talking about me and pf hahahaha what has thar got to do with your president gayness? You sound frustrated and confused. I will give you some dirty slaps to wake you up

  9. Ati “an event that is feeding many families”. Which families are those you Lesbians? Gay & Lesbian families right? Even Saddam Hussein, Muama Gaddafi, Savimbi, Bin Laden including next door ,Robert Mugabe, you think all these were not feeding families? The point is, yes we are hungry,our children are hungry but this is not the way we want them to feed. And besides your event is only for one day in the whole year – you think people will wait you next year again in order to eat, Take stupid show back to Durban you fake copy-cats!

  10. Infact Durban July should sue these fakes for using its patented name for using an event name that is already being used elsewhere. If it was Durban July themselves under this brand it would ve made legal sense, but this is a firm Zambian owned with no links to Durban July, and to come and name an event in Zambia using a South African name is an insult to Zambian people themselves. Where is the creativity here? Couldnt you call it Lusaka Summer or something than be fake? No wonder South Africa also looks down on us, its becos of Lesbians like these!

    • Dont be dull … is the one here named “Durban” July ? and if patented, does this naming patent extend to Zambia? Dont just say things you donot understand

  11. What do you a bunch of pretenders masquerading as ‘holier than thou’? Zambians!
    What a bunch of hypocrites and pretentious people Zambians are. They rape and defile children; steal; bribe; murder and f0rnicate but they will be pretending they are the most righteous, closest to G0d than anyone else.
    I hate vices but there’s one vice I detest the most, and that is of hypocrisy.
    Guess what? The same Westerners you detest of practising [email protected]!ty are the same people who introduced G0d and the Bible to you; introduced cotton pants and shirts to you when your ancestors were running around naked and praying to their [email protected] ancestors to bring you rains. Get real negr0 please!

  12. What do you call a bunch of pretenders masquerading as ‘holier than thou’? Zambians!
    What a bunch of hyp0crites and pretentious people Zambians are. They [email protected] and def!le children; steal; bribe; mnrder and f0rnicate but they will be pretending they are the most righteous, closest to G0d than anyone else.
    I [email protected] vices but there’s one vice I detest the most, and that is of hyp0crisy.

  13. Homosexuality is not inherited, learned or contracted by contact. The fear that most Zambians have, stems from ignorance. There are homosexula people in Zambia who have been practising this in secret for a very long time. No child can be made gay if they are not. So give up this idea that ‘foreigners’ want to bring it to Zambians. You could as well say that adultery, theft and murder came through western movies.

    • Very true. Before the arrival of the white man Africans did not practice adultery or theft. The villages were so tightknit one could not commit such felonies without bringing shame on an entire family. So people behaved according to a strong Lozi ethic, strong Bemba ethic, strong Luvale ethic etc until something called urbanisation brought about by colonisation came and disturbed all these ethics. People in town saw no need to obey their absent chiefs and moral decay set in. The rest is History and Lusaka July now panders to the ‘modernisation’ of Zambia


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