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Police in Nakonde discover seven dead bodies


The Zambia Police Service in Nakonde has discovered seven dead bodies in Kanyimbo Village of male persons believed to be between the ages of 28 and 45.

The Police received a report of suspected murder in which seven bodies were found lying in a decomposed state in the nearby bush of in Kanyimbo Village.

The Zambia Police Service Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga stated that preliminary investigations indicate that on 13th September, 2022 around 06:00 hours, a woman of Kanyimbo Village reported to the Headman that she discovered a body of an unknown male adult whilst on her way to collect firewood.

Mr Hamoonga added that, acting on the report from the said woman, the village Headman organized people who together followed and while on their way they discovered another dead body of a male person.

He disclosed that the Headman reported that whilst in the bush, he received another report of four more dead bodies discovered within the same vicinity.

Mr Hamoonga cited that the Police Officers rushed to the scene and conducted a thorough search in the bush and discovered one more dead body bringing the total number to seven.

“An inspection was conducted on the bodies and were discovered with deep cuts and bruises on various parts of the body, as sharp instruments are believed to have been used in the act,” Mr Hamoonga said

He said that further investigations revealed that the victims are believed to have been murdered elsewhere and dumped in Kanyimbo Village.

Mr Hamoonga added that the victims’ nationality is yet to be established as the Zambia Police Service Officers in Nakonde together with their counterparts in Tanzania have launched investigations into the heinous act.

“More Police Officers have been deployed in the area to help with the search, and investigations are ongoing,” Mr Hamoonga stated

Meanwhile, the Zambia Police Service in Lusaka has arrested and detained an employer for allegedly sodomizing his garden boy.

The employer has been identified as Dorras Ricardo aged 42 years of unmarked plot number in Lilayi area, while the victim (garden boy) is identified as Bright Kunolu Simasiku aged 31 years of unmarked plot number in Lilayi area.

On Monday, 12th September, 2022, Chawama Police Station received a report of Sodomy from Mr Bright Kunolu, that his employer Mr Dorras Ricardo did have canal knowledge with him against the Order of Nature (Sodomy).

To confirm this incidence, the Zambia Police Service Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga highlighted in a statement issued to the media that the incident is believed to have occurred on 10th September, 2022 at around 23:00 hours in Lilayi.

Mr Hamoonga explained that, brief facts of the matter are that Mr Simasiku is employed by Mr Ricardo as a Garden Boy and stays within the vicinity of the yard he operates from, and it is alleged that on 10th September, 2022 at around 23:00 hours, the victim whilst asleep in his apartment heard Mr Ricardo getting into his room and ordered him not to shout and forced him to have carnal knowledge with him against the Order of Nature.

“The suspect is detained in Police custody charged with the offence of Unnatural Offences contrary to Section 155 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia,” Mr Hamoonga stated


  1. Gardener not garden please.
    Nakonde… very sad situation… police did not discover the bodies but found them just like David Livingston didn’t discover the Mosi o Tunya

  2. Another case that our useless police will not solve…you need proper forsenic work on this one not torturing people for answers.

  3. Forget it. The police will never solve these murder cases. Kajoba’s police specialise in defamation of the president. This is too complicated because no relative of the president is a victim so they can’t divert resources to the case

  4. Police in Nakonde discover 7 dead bodies. Would they discover 7 live bodies?

    Just “seven bodies” would communicate the message

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