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HH threatens to fire Procurement Officers Frustrating the New Dawn government’s efforts


President Hakainde Hichilema has warned that unrepentant procurement officers frustrating the New Dawn government’s efforts in bettering Zambia will be fired.

President Hakainde Hichilema was responding to various concerns raised by members of the UPND National Votes Protection WhatsApp chat platform on Thursday night.

According to the conversation published by State House Press Analysts – Fredrick Misebezi and Brian Mwiinga, President Hichilema responded to issues ranging from UPND government neglecting party supporters to job creation.

“This year, we are focusing on removing those who do not want to change for better, just watch the next steps. We gave them chance to change to reform but they are resisting. Nothing and nobody will be allowed to stand in the way of change to better lives of Zambians. Kwasila, Kwamana,” Mr. Hichilema responded.

On suggestions that Chawama Member of Parliament Tasila Lungu’s Security Company has a running contract with ZESCO Limited, President Hichilema responded:”Things must be done properly to avoid litigation in some situations.

One member of the group told the Head of State that UPND members needed contracts to supply goods and services in various sectors but were being prevented by people from the procurement who are just giving contracts to PF.

“More jobs and small businesses are coming as we bring more investments from our marketing efforts and as we continue rebuilding the economy ravaged by PF.Your Government is trying hard to clean the PF mess so we can improve people’s lives.Your Government will support you within what is possible and over time things will continue to get better,” President Hichilema stated.

The Republican President highlighted some of the successes his government has recorded so far.

“Please list the specific benefits you as members of UPND are expecting which are not part of those your Government is delivering. Examples of what your Government is doing include freedom from the PF violence, free education, school desks, more classrooms in schools, teacher’s houses, provision of water and sanitation, more clinics, 30,000 teachers, 11,000 medical staff, payment of retirees, freedom in bus stops/markets to use and to trade in, freedom of speech, employment of DCs and others in government/councils/quasi-government institutions, improved kwacha against dollar, some prices of commodities going down (cement, sugar, cooking oil, mealie meal, soap, fuel, etc), access to increased social cash, women and youth funds in the much increased CDF, availing fertiliser and seed fairly across the country. The list is long of what your Government has done and continues to do (in one year).The IMF programme and restructuring of the huge debt acquired by the PF will bring more relief to the economy and will make it easier for Government to support you the people.When we re-open mining licences soon, we will give you citizens licences to mine on your own or in partnership with others. We are working on a programme to make more land available to you the citizens. Many more benefits are on the way.So please tell your servant, HH, what other things do you want your Government to do for you and we will look at them if they are within reach. What your Government will not do is to distribute stolen money (tantameni, ka ‘somefing’) as PF was doing. The PF corruption destroyed our country and we should not go in that direction,” he wrote.

President Hichilema added:”Soon we will be recruiting more of our citizens in the Police, Army, ZAF, Correctional Services, National Service, etc. As we bring more investments, private companies will also be employing more people. Let us correctly read the positive direction the country is going in.Shouting at your Government everyday and fighting among yourselves is not the way to rebuild a rundown country.”

He told UPND members that they should not expect handouts like it used to happen in the PF regime.

“Some (UPND members) have been recruited as teachers, medical staff, others will be recruited in military, police, etc as I have already said above. But not all can be recruited at the same time. My advice to all members is that let us not destroy that which we worked hard to build. Let us stop abusing each other, let us have respect for each other, let us work as one big family. Mwiinde, you cannot run or manage anything without a system or order, nothing at all. Chipantepante is what led to the PF destruction of our country. Let us not go that way.Any successful country in the world today is run in a methodical and orderly manner, China, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Norway, etc. In Botswana next door there is order, you poach wild animals you are shot at sight, you steal you are jailed, you are corrupt you go to jail, throwing litter all over is a crime, you beat someone innocent you go to jail, no illegal mining, you are employed because you qualify,” President Hichilema said.

UPND members took the opportunity to express their concerns.

“UPND members we’re still very poor your excellency kulibe vabwino panja pano incase pipo deceives you to say your members are benefiting,” a member lamented.

“Thanks Mr President for your time to chat with us.Some of us we may not physically meet you.My concerns:(1) The gap between party and government must be reviewed knowing that you are the party president and republican president always find time to do politics.(2) Mr President your (our ) supporters expected something so different when in opposition and what is happening now.We need to share the vision to the grassroots.Tantameni has spoiled the minds of Zambian hence we are called a government/party ya KASO let’s find alternatives to make people benefit off course beyond CDF.(3) Mr President the party is not in good form, some are frustrated,some were appointed in government and some lost direction immediately NO caderism was declared.Work on that cause people are being deceived.(4) Mr President those PF caders in government offices are remitting six percent of their salaries to PF and hence the stubbornness you see.Please change the system or else it will change you.Mr President it’s my sincere hope that this message will reach you,” another member wrote.


  1. It is nonsensical to believe that the head of state was spending some time in a WhatsApp group chatting to hundred of members of the UPND. Let it be stated that the two pres analysts in this article are the ones who were chatting with their members.
    Of particular concern is this anger that UPND members feel that some people in the PF still have contracts with government. That seems to suggest that all contracts must now be given to UPND zealots. Did we fight so that we replace PF tenderpreneuers with those of the UPND?
    And this suggestion that PF employed civil servants are giving money to PF is silly at best. The quality of debates by people in the UPND group shows that we do need free education, especially civics.

    • Its called equalising or normalising the situation were ALL contracts were given to only PF………..

      Some of those have just changed colours but are still PF financiers……..

  2. Bally, just fire those in procurement without delays, these are PF thug’s, and what I’d that ugly lungu mini me, Tasila lungu, how is it that she has a contract with zesco knowing how corrupt PF and her father are
    Time to relook and root out the PF cadres

  3. Some of these contracts need to be revisited as they were dubiously awarded due to influence and political pressure that time and not due to merit.

  4. Expect a mass cull of PF caders in GRZ…….

    Who are facilitating contract preferences for PF members at the exclusion of others…..

  5. On top of the the very dull mwila Davis who is always incriminating him self on camera goes and says lungu assigned diplomats are giving PF 7 % of their salary………….

    Only that the President sees recalls as wasteful, but now expect a mass cull there as well…………unless that mission is extremely profitable to zambia, you are going back…………


  7. the president state we don’t want (1) carders in GRZ (2) if you don’t have qualifications step aside, from this conversation its states clear that UPND membership on the ground its not things, the boss has retouched him self from them, the promises are not been delivered, cost of living is hitting them, it sounds like they are now getting tired living on promises they want bus stations and markets.

  8. kkkkk when is this going to end PF/UPND saga what about the rest because this is not only UPND and PF.We are all zambians let us think like zambians we are tired of this UPND/PF issue.Zambia is for all zambians kwasila aikonamen.Let the president rule zambia and not UPND only Upnd thinks HH is only for UPND no HH is for zambians.

  9. kkkkk when is this going to end PF/UPND saga what about the rest because this is not only UPND and PF.We are all zambians let us think like zambians we are tired of this UPND/PF issue.Zambia is for all zambians kwasila aikonamen.Let the president rule zambia and not UPND only Upnd think HH is only for UPND no HH is for zambians.

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