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13 young women rescued after daring escape from abductors home in Lusaka’s Chalala area


13 young women ranging in age from 17 to 28 years, were rescued yesterday in Lusaka’s Chalala area,after months of being held in captivity. Among them was Pamela Chisumpa the 22-year-old Mobile Money Booth operator who had been kidnapped about 6-months ago along Cairo road.

One of the young women, Agness Kapwaya a first year nursing student who had been kidnapped 3 weeks ago risked her life by scaling the wall fence and running to the neighbors house for help. She took the opportunity to escape after one of the abductors left the bedroom door unlocked.

Pamela Chisumpa being consoled by one of the neighbours after being rescued

A young man at the neighboring house heard the cries for help and with the assistance of other neighbours armed themselves with an axe went to the kidnappers house.There,they were shocked to find several traumatised young women, one of whom was pregnant. They recused the women out of the house and called for the police.

The house was sparsely furnished distinctly visible was a coffin, shrine, charms as well as pads and condoms scattered everywhere.One of the neighbours recounted how he had frequently seen one of the abductors buying condoms and pads and wondered why a man would be buying so many pads.

The neighbours were visibly shocked that such atrocious criminal activity had been happening in their area.Others claim the occupant of that house has only been there for a month, which suggests that Pamela Chisumpa and the other girls were being moved from one house to another.

Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba who led a team of police officers to the crime scene said all the victims had been taken to a medical facility to receive medical attention. He added that they managed to apprehend one suspect who has been detained in police custody to help police with investigations.

In a statement yesterday 3rd October 2022 , the Inspector General of Police said it was with a sense of relief that he was informing the nation that the Police managed to safely rescue Pamela Chisumpa together with thirteen other ladies that were held captive in a house in Chalala area of Lusaka.

The following are the names of the other twelve female victims:
1. A female Juvenile aged 17
2. Grace Siabeula aged 22
3. Felistus Hachintu aged 18
4. Ruth Banda aged 21
5. Nalukui Macwani aged 21
6. Agness Kapwaya aged 21
7. Docus Chungwe aged 24
8. Priscila Mapulanga aged 23
9. Honester Lungu aged 25
10. Rosemary Chibwe 25
11. Faith Muluti aged 28
12. Paxina Chanda aged 22

This rescue was after a long protracted investigation that the Police have continuously pursued since April this year when Pamela was abducted along Cairo road in Lusaka.He told the general public to be calm as the police are waiting for the victims to recuperate so that they would further their investigation and a comprehensive statement will be issued in due course.

Unconfirmed reports state that the 2 other abductors that had been on the run- Mathews Sikaonga and James Bwlaya were arrested in Kaoma in the last few hours.


  1. Let us not waste time -those animals need to be castrated . That will be a deterrent to other animals.Prison and death penalty has not deterred anyone. Lets try something more effective.

    • Would be a very effective message to send, however, the law does not work like that. Kidnapping is a serious offence, so is rape, these guys will never see the light of day and will likely be killed in prison.

  2. Please take note that the ring abductor is a well known upnd cadre. We don’t need to say much. You thought those guys won elections genuinely? Coffins and charms.

    That is why we fired the current inspector General. He is an incompetent man. And hh decided to rehire him

    • You cannot be so inept in your thinking to assume that charms can win an election on the ballot. UPND won because more people voted for HH. That said, any criminal can choose a political inclination, in many cases, even our own friends, we do not know them well. This is why women always say “women know friends who have been raped but men never know their friends who are rapists.”

    • I smell Kaizar Zulu here. The writing is on the wall. Typical of sick Kaizar, he goes off the script and becomes foolishly political. Like the kidnappers, he too has gone into hiding, and like them the police are getting closer to smoking him out.

  3. “This rescue was after a long protracted investigation that the Police have continuously pursued since April this year when Pamela”
    Thats total B.S.
    The IG and police are without shame trying to take credit for something they failed to do.
    The police only got there after the rescue had already been done by the local community and the girls themselves.

  4. The police last month told us Pamela was occasionally communicating with her boyfriend. But when I asked her about it yesterday, she showed total ignorance about it.

  5. These are PF cader thugs used of extorting money from the public ……….

    They have been banished from markets and bus stops and now resort to kidnapping………..

    • I am sure the two TVs at Lungu’s residence that went missing were stolen by PF cadres as reportedly announced by the IG.

      Are they not the same PFs who are frustrating disbursement of the CDF?

      Any misfortune in this country has a pointing finger set towards them.
      Shame. Shame. Shame.

  6. Whatever the case: this is bad culture happening in Zambia. We used to hear it in Nigeria. Where they are millions of them. So sad development regardless of the penetrators. either PF or UPND.

    • Must you mention Nigeria? It’s so many here already yet to be discovered. Nigeria is far far larger than your country and why you hear about It is because the police there are working and not some miscreants parading themselves as police here in this country.

  7. Imwe ba kapokola just continue telling us about how many accidents were recorded during Easter and Christmas, and how you arrest well meaning protesters against abominable and unnatural sexual acts.

    You did not rescue these girls, but came on the scene long after the fact. Pamela was missing for close to 6 months and what did we get? “Pamela is alive, the boyfriend called her.” Really?

  8. There are 3 abductors, why concentrate on one who happens to be UPND follower, what would the other two be from PF, it doesnt matter, they are criminals and should be disowned by all politicians and society

  9. Ok, imwe ba Kapokola have no shame. Trying to take credit for something you did not do ka. These women and child are free because of their courage and ingenuity coupled with quick response from concerned neighbors….not because you worked hard for months to rescue these people….STOP IT!

    I think ZP urgently needs to RETRAIN it’s entire of POLICE DETECTIVES. Sending many of these people abroad to countries such as the United States of America so they can learn how police detective work is done will be money well spent for the country. Because, quite frankly, the current state of affairs in our Police is embarrassing!!

    • The Zambia Police are only good at arresting defamers of the President sorry no imagined defamers of the president. They can’t conduct basic investigations. That’s why these girls couldn’t be traced in a residential area.

  10. Just want to add my voice, I have read the IG statement. The failure of the IG failing to acknowledge that the brevity of one of the abducted girls and the quick action by the neighbours made this breakthrough is intensely embarrassing.
    Added to it, the gentleman who bravely got an exe and went into the house stated that they tried to call the police for 40 minutes and didn’t get through (no pickups).
    I challenge anyone to try calling the emergency number now and see how long it takes for an answer. Secondly, after being told about this case, the police showed up after 30 minutes.
    As a final note, well done to police for apprehending the two boys in another town, that was the only investigative work that paid off.

  11. Comment:ba kajoba insoni ebuntu. Let the real rescuers take credit for their bravery. Not your incompetent and corrupt police officers.

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