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The Masebo Infanny: The $100 million Scandal at Ministry of Health


By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

The President and UPND Government should find out the following over the now cancelled $ 100 million contract, for they might be embarrassed in the next few weeks.

So, did ba Masebo request for a car from a contractor? Have you checked the communication between the contractor and Minister? Does the contractor and former PS have more information to bring out to the public? Some of us even heard about the make of the car fews months ago. I hear the lawyer for a contractor is Sangwa? Paipa ka. I dont think Sangwa can take up such a case without any merits. . better to pre-empty.

Ba ACC did the former PS health not tell you all this when you invited him for interviews? When it’s PF you even do tuma video’s and updates. Have you investigated and cleared Masebo? And the PS tell us why you interviewed and the results ?

You dared us to give you the current corruption case to investigate, Is this not worth some salt ? Was she not implicated by her former PS in the interviews? It’s her former controlling officer ka so this can’t be taken lightly . Did you not interview the contractor on the phone? Ka update kabili? so far two key witnesses ka?

If Masebo is clean, help her by suspending and investigating her for a few weeks, like the way MMD used to clear its Ministers. Only one Minister went to jail after losing power. Whether innocent or not this will start to haunt her after five years if she is covered now, it will not matter whether HH wins or not in 2026. You people never learn , look at former PF Ministers today “Its better you are investigated when in good books with the powers that be”. I advised ba PF the same they did not listen and they thought the allegations were foolish and silly, here we are today. You are not doing her favour but RB/ MMD did favour to my sweetheart over Zamtel lol

I can rest assure you that more allegations are coming and they will try to verify them one by one. The public courts are very difficult control.Once you are painted black it will not matter what good you will do..even gift bag man will be seen to have been covered or protected..Fertilizer deals will be daunted more…You will be called ba Kabola even by your own people. Credibility lost

What harm can come out of the investigation just for a few weeks ? Respond to corruption allegations, you are bein painted black slowly and steadily.


    • ACC is for former governments, it has been like that.
      It is simple; Kakubo and Masebo shouldn’t be minister anymore.

  1. An international supplier and contractor, TFM Holdings has reported corruption involving Zambia’s Minister of Health Silvia Masebo.

    The Ministry of Health had put up a tender for the proposed construction and supply of equipment under reference MOH/SP/SP/W/005/20 for a 150 bed capacity infectious diseases hospital.

    In a letter dated 15th May 2022 written to Jim Belemu, the Executive Director, Mahogany Air, TFM stated that the request to purchase a vehicle and facilitation fees for Masebo for the tender to be succesful, was irregular.

    Chairman of TFM Holdings Mcebisi Nlozi directed Belemu to make the letter public which to show that Masebo solicited for bribes and a luxury motor vehicle.

    The Group companies specialise in the importation, manufacturing, supply and support of…

  2. The Group companies specialise in the importation, manufacturing, supply and support of specialist truck bodies, primarily for the transport, construction, forestry, cargo body, waste and environmental transport industries.

    TFM was established in 1966. Today, it is comprised of 11 different companies around South Africa with a National footprint providing sales, service, parts and manufacturing capabilities.

    Few months ago President Hakainde Hichilema fired Health Minister Permanent Secretary George Magwende over the case involving corruption in the $100million isolation hospital.

  3. There is a lot that is being swept under the carpet in the Pungwa government. Right now the dodgy honorables’ laundering saga, as asserted by Mizinga is receiving no traction at all.

  4. She should come out in the open and deny the allegations if it is not true. Lets see her take the Contractor to Court for defaming her.

  5. Silvia Masebo has sued Mr. Mcebisi Mlonzi, the chairman of TFM Holdings PTY LTD south Africa for libel. Ms Masebo is refuting the allegations. She hired Simeza Sangwa & Associates to represent her.

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