Nkombo thanks JICA for helping clean Lusaka


Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Garry Nkombo, has thanked the government of Japan for supporting Zambia in many areas, including the management of solid waste in Lusaka city.

Mr Nkombo said JICA has supported the Lusaka clean city project which aims at achieving a sustainable solid waste management system.

He said this at the JICA solid waste management seminar dubbed Lusaka Clean City Project held in Lusaka today.

Mr Nkombo noted that the culture of indiscriminate dumping of waste has resulted in the rapid deterioration of the environment.

He expressed sadness that some manufacturers and consumers are lacking appropriate means of disposing of such plastics.

“As a country aspires to live in a clean and healthy environment through Vision 2030, it is regrettable that the situation of garbage collection and the general cleanliness of premises and community surrounding have remained a source of problems which has resulted in public places becoming dirty and unacceptable to the health and wellbeing of the residents and visitors,” he stated.

The minister added that most local authorities are unable to deliver satisfactory services with limited participation of the private sector.

He said there is a need to pull resources together and ensure that there is clean surroundings in the city of Lusaka and elsewhere.

And Japanese Ambassador to Zambia, Ryta Miuzuuchi, said solid waste is one of the major projects that JICA is implementing in Zambia.

Ambassador Miuzuuchi said the Japanese government is looking forward to seeing Lusaka develop into a clean and green city and becoming a model of all African countries.

And Lusaka City Mayor, Chilando Chitangala, has urged all community-based enterprises (CBEs) contracted to collect solid waste management to up their game in their business.

Ms Chitangala revealed that the population of Lusaka is estimated to be more than three million and the city generates more than 1,500 tonnes of garbage per day.


    • This is shameful..its like p00p and someone and foreigners clean up your p00p.this isn’t good Zambians please when are going learn to clean ourselves and remain clean

  1. How do you fail to clean your own home. Very big failure. During our tenure, our president ECL got his hands dirty and participated in cleaning our city. Monze boy thinks he is above that

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