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The Bemba Royal Establishment refutes claims of protesting against Amos Chanda ‘arrest


The Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) has refuted claims circulating on various media platforms that Bemba Chiefs are protesting the arrest of former State House Press Aid, Amos Chanda.

BRE Spokesperson, James Mulenga said the statement that has been attributed to one of its chiefs in the region is not true.

Mr. Mulenga indicated that only Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and him as spokesperson have the right to speak on behalf of the Bemba Royal Establishment.

He has advised traditional leaders to consult the establishment before issuing any statement to the media on behalf of Bemba chiefs.

Mr. Mulenga has further advised people who are peddling such lies to stop putting the name of the establishment in disrepute.

The BRE spokesperson said this in a walk-in-interview with ZANIS in Kasama.

Mr. Mulenga explained that there are a number of Bembas who have been arrested in the past but the establishment did not issue any statement as any accused person is expected to be tried before the court.

“We have had many people who have been arrested and taken to court in the past but you have never heard us complain because we know they have to be either set free or otherwise by the court,” he said.

Meanwhile, The Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested former Workers’ Compensation Fund Control Board Chief Executive Officer, Priscilla Bwembya for corrupt practices.

ACC Head Corporate Communication Timothy Moono says Ms Bwembya aged 47, of Plot No. F/609/E/77/A184/C Foxdale, Chamba Valley in Lusaka has been arrested and charged with wilful failure to comply with Applicable Law, Procedure and Guidelines contrary to Section 34(2) of the Anti- Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

Mr. Moono said details are that Ms Bwembya, on dates unknown but between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021, in Ndola, Copperbelt Province, jointly and whilst acting together with persons unknown, did wilfully fail to comply with applicable law, procedure and guidelines in the manner that she authorised the release of nine (9) Toyota Hilux motor vehicles, to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

This was for a purported Labour Force Survey, when in fact the motor vehicles were released to a named political party for use during the 2021 general elections, a matter concerning Workers Compensation Board a public body.

Mr. Moono said after the elections the nine (9) motor vehicles were abandoned at the Workers Compensation Board premises in Ndola, by the political party, and later seized by the Commission following an investigation into the matter.

He further said Ms Bwembya has been released on bond and is scheduled to appear in court soon.


  1. It’s cheap for Amos Chanda to try and drag the Bemba Royal Establishment in his battles. While every Chiefdom has a right to empathy with its subjects that moral support shouldn’t be misconstrued as a protest against the State or support for their criminality. While we don’t agree with your prolonged 6 day detention as that is against the Law, we think that you should expend your energies in defense of your innocence. As a their subject, the BRE will stand with you whether you’re acquitted or not.

  2. They have been threatened by that insecure small boy hh. So we understand why they are now refuting. It is for their own safety.

  3. Why is ba Amos Chanda panicking? The matter is not yet in court he was busy proving so called evidence and now his clique of ………. busy spreading rumours about the Bemba Royal Establishment. The clique knows no limits to its self preservation. What gets me is the lack of remorse or shame, there is no acknowledgement of the wrongs just arrogance.

  4. On Priscilla Bwembya, the ACC are being naive for not recognizing the witness value in this lady. The vehicles were not for her use but a named political party. On the Ministry of Labour’s influence and abuse of organisations such as Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) and NAPSA, it’s high time this was curtailed and confined to passing enabling legislation. Ms Bwembya’s arm was clearly twisted and the ACC should and ought to know that.

  5. You cannot execute an unlawful order and plead superior orders…you ought out of a sense of duty, ethics and principle reject an unlawful instruction if fired the courts can remedy your wrongful termination…now she will go down alone. Politicians come and go… She will serve time…mundende

    • But they got the vehicles under the guise of use by a Ministry of Labour project. The diversion of the vehicles to political campaigns should become an issue for those who did that not Priscilla Bwembya.

  6. How did honest and integrity laden ministers like Hon Denny Wanchinga, Hon Edify Hamukale, Hon Charles Banda etc manage to work in such a corrupt regime under Edgar Lungu? It is the silence of the upright when state resources are being looted which erodes society and not the actions of the corrupt. Amos Chanda just pay us back our money .

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