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Kabwata Clinic receives cleaning items worth 45,000 kwacha


Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala accompanied by the Local Government and Rural Development Permanent Secretary for Administration Mambo Haamaundu have handed over assorted cleaning items to Kabwata Clinic worth 45,000 kwacha.

Speaking during the hand-over, the Mayor stated that issues of public health are a priority for the Local Authority because they border on the wellness of the people.

Ms Chitangala further stated that the donation made to Kabwata Clinic by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development will go a long way in improving the cleanliness of the Clinic.

“This donation of cleaning materials is important because the Local Authority wants to see all the public facilities looking clean including their surroundings,” she said

The Mayor expressed happiness that the donation had coincided with the Polio vaccination period, adding that everyone with children under the age of five should ensure that their children receive the Polio vaccination.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Permanent Secretary for Administration Mambo Haamaundu noted that the hand-over made to the Clinic is timely, and part of the mandate for the Ministry to ensure that all public facilities uphold the highest levels of hygiene hence the donation.

And in a similar development both the Mayor and the Permanent Secretary also checked on the levels of hygiene in Libala stage 4 at the stores popularly known as Katungu market, where the Mayor expressed concern about the unhygienic practices of disposing solid waste in undesignated places at Katungu, that is surrounded by bars and grocery stores.

Ms Chitangala noted that it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that they clean their business premises properly and not wait for the Council to remind them.

“It is surprising that people dump garbage everywhere and expect the Council to find it easy to collect garbage, because during the Cholera outbreaks, everyone is affected, so please let’s encourage one another to ensure that we put garbage in one place so that it is easy for the Council to do the collection. Don’t wait for the Council workers to always remind you,” she said

The Mayor has since urged all business owners at Katungu to join efforts in disposing garbage in appropriate places and upload cleanliness in order to curb diarrheal diseases that usually escalate in the rainy season.

“Cleaning our surroundings is not only up to the Council, we all play a role in keeping Lusaka Clean Green and Healthy,” she cited

Ms Chitangala has since encouraged Lusaka residents to adopt the Rwandan sanitation strategies in order to improve cleanliness in the city.

Meanwhile, Mr Hamaaundu said the law is clear on the issue to do with solid waste and if all business owners complied with the law at Katungu, it would make the work of the Ministry easy to deliver.

“All those who are abrogating the law by not subscribing to Waste Management Companies and Community Based Enterprises (CBEs) that collect waste are purely operating against the law,” he said

“Illegal dumping of waste shall not be entertained at all, especially in the coming rainy season. We all need to be extremely careful on how we dump waste because of the challenges that it poses to our environment,” he added

Mr Hamaaundu has since urged all business owners at Katungu to work together in ensuring a clean environment.

The Mayor Ms Chilando Chitangala, Mr Maambo Haamaundu, Permanent Secretary for Administration at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, and various officials from the Ministry of Health, and Kabwata Clinic staff conducted a door-to-door sensitization and vaccination of round 4- oral vaccination (OPV) Polio Campaign in Kabwata.

The exercise commenced on Saturday, 29th October, 2022 and is scheduled to end on Friday, 4th November, 2022.


  1. Why should something so ordinary be accompanied by such fanfare? Is it because the lack of cleaning equipment is wht appears normal and supply of it is now abnormal and therefore newsworth?

  2. Just from their names you can tell where thy come from. Yet they accused us of only employing people from east and north.

  3. At Patriotic PF Cadre UK, ofcourse you baggers only employed Bembas in Government and now did you expect the UPND to continue also employing only Bembas. NO! You Bembas now have also to feel the pinch of what it means to be sidelined cos if we intergrate yo immediately, you ll never learn your lesson. So suffer aswell the same the Tongas, Lozis, Luvale , Lundas etc suffered under your Tribal PF rule. Thereafter when you have felt it and learned a lesson then we can intergrate and move as one but as for now, you need to experience the feeling of tribalism the same way you practiced against the rest of Zambia. Even your current presidential candidates-look at where the whole list comes from-All Bembas accept for two. Well, people ussually say PF must never be allowed to rule again but i say…

  4. Wait … what? An authority in charge of cleaning the city is donating cleaning items, I will — uh — come back later.

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