Tuesday, June 25, 2024

President Hichilema in Eatsern Province for campaigns


President Hakainde Hichilema has arrived in Mambwe District in Eastern Province. The President landed in Mambwe at 11.56 hours this morning aboard the Presidential Jet.

The President was welcomed by Eastern Province Minister Peter Phiri, District Commissioners, Chipata Mayor George Mwanza, Council Chairpersons from various districts in the province, Council Secretaries, government heads of departments and party officials.

President Hichilema immediately flew to Lusangazi by chopper where he will this afternoon hold a series of public meetings to drum up support for the ruling party candidate, Blackson Tembo in tomorrow’s council chairperson by-election

While In Lusangazi district, the Head of State will also pay courtesy calls on Chief Sandwe and Chief Nyamphande of the Nsenga people.

Some of the scheduled activities meetings the President include holding will address will be at Ukwimi A square, Nyamphande, Mzenje, and Mawanda school grounds.

President Hichilema will depart for Lusaka after completing his business in Lusangazi later this afternoon.

Other than UPND’s Blackson Tembo, Lusangazi council chairperson by-election is being contested by Nedson Banda of the Patriotic Front, David Muwowo of the Socialist Party, Pascal Kambani of the Heritage Party, and Daniel Sakala an independent candidate.

Meanwhile, The Electoral Commission of Zambia has delivered Ballot Papers ahead of the Chishibesonde local Government by-election for tomorrow in Mpika District, Muchinga Province.

District Electoral Officer, Samuel Musenga says Ballot papers for eight polling stations in Chishibesonde Ward were received yesterday adding that stakeholders witnessed the receipt of the ballot papers.

Mr Musenga added that all is set for the councillor by-election and the ECZ has prepared adequately for the elections with Poll staff and relevant authorities already trained.

He further said that three political parties namely; Sociality Party (SP), United Party for National Development (UPND) and the Patriotic Front (PF) are taking part in the election.

“We are set for tomorrow’s by- election, the poll staff have been trained and we have security in place, all the necessary materials have been received and deployment of staff will be done today,” said Mr Musenga.

And UPND District Constituency Chairperson, George Mutale says the ruling party has done some notable development within one year of being in power adding that this is reason enough for the UPND.

Mr Mutale cited the introduction of free education, teacher and health workers recruitment and the increase in Constituency Development Fund (CDF,) as some of the notable economic changes.

“As you have seen, the UPND has been able to change the economy in one year and if you vote for a UPND councillor he will work with Government in ensuring that change is brought to the area,” said Mr Mutale.

Meanwhile, Sociality Party Provincial Chairlady, Hildah Chewe says Chishibesonde Ward still has a lot of challenges such as water problems.

Ms Chewe added that the Socialist party will work towards bringing water to the area saying sanitation is an important aspect of people’s well-being.

“There is poverty in the area, the gap between the rich and the poor in this area is so huge, and as a party we would like to bridge this gap,” said Ms Chewe.


  1. That is all he does. When does this joke of a man work for the country? It is good that he is not drawing a salary if at all true

  2. Your excellence, make sure you explain in lay mans language the good works you are doing. The mess left by the criminal PF gang is too huge

    • what mess.Is infrastructure a mess? Be aanlytical please.Yes, there were mistakes made just as mistakes are being made even now!!!!! Insults are name you say is the thing of past, but what you are doing.Kano ngaebo!!

  3. This man has been campaigning for over 20 years. It has become his expertise even when he now president. When doe he do is official work because he has been campaigning continuously.

  4. Massive vote for HH in 2026 again, feeling sorry for the August 12 bruised victims, no time to recover

    • Do you know what is going on? Why do you think your president is stopping us from fielding our preferred candidates in by elections? He knows your party is not popular outside of monze. You will cry in 2026

  5. Show us the real people and not those pictures of the time when you were in opposition.

    No bwino bwino.

    Easterners have refused to be duped .

    Kayamayo mu 2026!

  6. This nonsense of campaigns culture continues.
    HH may you please send me weekly reports from each minister by friday so I advise you what they should work on next week?

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