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Chitotela lose settlement agreement discharge case


Former Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela has lost a settlement agreement discharge case as the Lusaka High Court orders him to stand trial under a new Magistrate.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Division of the High Court in Lusaka has set aside the Ruling of Magistrate J. Bwalya which discharged Mr Ronald Chitotela on the basis that the Anti-Corruption Commission had made an undertaking not to institute criminal proceedings against him by way of a purported Settlement Agreement.

In a statement issued by the Anti-Corruption Commission – ACC Head Corporate Communication Timothy Moono, explaining that the High Court reasoned that the Defense misconstrued the meaning of Section 80 of the Anti-Corruption Act as the said Section does not apply where criminal proceedings had already been instituted.

Mr Moono further explained that the Court found that at the time of the purported undertaking not to institute criminal proceedings against Mr Chitotela by way of a Settlement Agreement, criminal proceedings had actually already been instituted against him.

“The judgment was a unanimous decision of a panel of three judges composed of Justices E. Musona, S. Wanjelani and C. Zulu,” Mr Moono disclosed

Mr Moono stated that in delivering the Judgement on behalf of the panel, Honourable Justice E. Musona said that the undertaking in question through the purported Settlement Agreement was futile as criminal proceedings against Mr Chitotela had already been instituted.

He mentioned that the Court has referred the matter back to the Subordinate Court to commence afresh the criminal proceedings against Mr Chitotela but before a different Magistrate.

In this matter the Commission arrested Mr Chitotela in 2019 on nine (9) counts of concealment of property and possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime. The matter could not, however proceed as a Settlement Agreement was entered into by the Commission under Section 80 (3) of the Anti-Corruption Act.

The Commission later reviewed the matter and found that the Settlement Agreement or undertaking was lacking in fulfilling the requirements of the law and re-arrest Hon. Chitotela on two counts of possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

However, Mr Chitotela contested the arrest before court on grounds that he could not be tried again over the same matter on which he had an undertaking with the Commission. Hon. Magistrate Jennifer Bwalya who presided over the matter delivered her Ruling in which she discharged Hon. Chitotela.

And being dissatisfied with the outcome, the Commission appealed to the High Court requesting the court to set aside the purported out of court settlement that was entered into between the Commission and Ronald Chitotela.


    • They are your judges. All the judges in Zambia were appointed by PF. Wanyela! Stay in UK if you do not want to be the cell-mate of Chitotela and Chagwa Chakolwa at Chimbokaila…

  1. The only problem I have is that these cases go nowhere, no one I mean no politician has spent even a month in jail on corruption cases, it’s disgusting and a waste of time and resources. Shame on ACC

    • This criminal apparently is a respected elder in the adventits church.He was almost conning me untill he started wearing that “Palibe kantu” beard…witchcraft

  2. Ver tired of all the lies fro corrupt politicians and corrupt system.
    I still seek an answer. : where are all the confiscated and house obtained from criminal proceedings. All lies. By now and if it was true the government and the anti-corruption were supposedly put ever confiscated goods on auction.
    Why up to now nothing has happened.

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