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God’s intervention to help Zambia remain peaceful, united – Vice President


Vice President, Mutale Nalumango says the country needs God’s intervention in order for it to continue on the path of a peaceful and united Zambia. Mrs Nalumango says there is a need to promote and foster unity in diversity where everyone including politicians have love for one another.

The Vice President said this today when she graced the ongoing Courts of Heaven Conference and Prayer Summit in Lusaka. Mrs Nalumango expressed happiness that she was part of many Christians who are seeking the face of God for the goodness of the nation as a collective body.

And Mrs Nalumango declared that President Hakainde Hichilema is a God-fearing man who depends on the Lord to govern the country. The Vice President noted that all leadership that comes from God has a purpose to fulfil something, hence the need to pray at all times.

“Everyone needs to humble themselves by praying and seeking God’s presence for Him to heal the land of Zambia,” she said.

The Vice President noted that as a Christian nation, Zambia needs healing in order for the country to be prosperous. She observed that the country is often cursed by its own people, hence calling on Zambians to always utter good things and God will respond accordingly.

She however indicated that there was nothing wrong in criticising the government as the State needs to know the truth in order for Zambia to be properly ruled.


  1. Better leave GOD out of this political retoric. Just go to church and pray in your private capacity, Confess your sins to your God privately. Go home and relax with your family. ON MONDAY GOT BACK FOR WORK AS A VICE PRESIDENT and start again all the lies that go with politics.

  2. So after working with Satana during your campaigns you’ve finally discovered God? anyway you have plenty of time to repent and change your ways. Now you know that you are selling the country to the creature described in the scripture.

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