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Police Public Complaints Commission to ensure police officers operate within the confines of the law


The Police Public Complaints Commission (PPCC) says it remains committed to ensure police officers operate within the confines of the law when discharging their duties.

PPCC Chairperson Zunga Siakalima says the Commission is an independent body that will not relent in its efforts to ensure the police execute their duties in an appropriate manner and not in a way that brutalises members of the public.

Mr Siakalima said this in Mazabuka on Thursday after paying a courtesy call on Mazabuka Mayor, Vincent Lilanda at his office.

“As a Commission we do not want Police officers to neglect their duties but to do their best when serving members of the public,” he said.

And Mr Siakalima assured Mazabuka Town Clerk, Judith Maambo that a way forward would be made by the Commission on the fate of the erring officer.

He said it was encouraging as Town Clerks and Council Chairpersons had the authority to receive complaints from members of the public in places where the Commission had no presence.

Mr Siakalima said the Commission would hear five cases in Mazabuka before proceeding to Monze.

And Mazabuka Mayor Vincent Lilanda said there was need to create awareness on the mandate of the Commission and to guide members of the public where they could register their complaints against erring police officers.

Mr Lilanda said members of the public needed to be informed about the mandate of the Commission and its activities.

“Information is power, so the media needs to highlight the mandate of the Commission and its activities so the members of the public can be guided on where to go to register their complaints against police officers,” he said.

Mr Siakalima who is accompanied by five commissioners and other Government officials, is on tour of Southern Province to hear cases in Mazabuka, Monze, Namwala, Choma, Livingstone and Kazangula.


  1. What do you expect from the “Sausage” police force? They were ill trained. Kajoba has a lot f work to change the sausage mentality.

  2. The level of Police professionalism is really admirable in the UK, at football matches Police literally watch the crowds and not the game, even when there is a goal and the crowd are elated and cheering, they don’t turn their heads not even for a second to watch the proceedings of the game, here in Zambia the Police assigned to man a match even jumps to celebrate a goal. Our Police are not bad but require stringent training

  3. Really laughable …The Police Public Complaints Commission (PPCC) only exists in name ..I mean how many corrupt officers have they taken to court or even arrested at illegal roadblocks…this is a toothless organisation

  4. The lawlessness by the law enforcers has two faces. The first is by themselves and involves various illegalities motivated by money and relationships. The second is instigated by politicians who want to abuse the system to fix their opponents. Both faces are now so entrenched that it’ll be difficult to get rid of them. They’ve become part of the system. The reason people to run to register their complaints with Zunga’s Commission is that they have lost confidence that anything can come out of it. Let him give us how many complaints were handled in the last 12 months

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