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Ask your western friends to lift sanctions on Zimbabwe, Bowman urges HH


Former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has advised President Hakainde Hichilema to use his strong relationship with western powers to ask them to lift sanctions imposed on neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Mr. Lusambo said it is unfair that Zimbabwe is still subjected to harsh trade sanctions by the US and its western allies which has caused a lot of pain on ordinary Zimbabweans.

He said President Hichilema who appears to be a darling of the West should prevail over his new friends and have them struck Zimbabwe off the sanctions list.

Mr Lusambo said the sanctions were originally targeted at late Zimbabwean strong man Robert Mugabe which make them irrelevant in present day Zimbabwe.

“Those sanctions have reached their Sell-By-Date, they are expired and should be lifted immediately. Our comrades in Zimbabwe have suffered for so long,” he stated.

He told a media briefing at his residence in Chamba Valley over the weekend that the Zimbabwean economy has been strangled for so long by the sanctions and should now be allowed to breathe.

“President Hichilema wines and dines with these people. We know they like him, so let him use that leverage to ask that Zimbabwe be excused for now. In Africa, when your neighbours house is on fire, yours is next. We should allow Zimbabwe to breathe now,” he said.

Mr. Lusambo also urged Zimbabweans to safeguard their democracy and sovereignty as they go to the polls later this year.

“We ask our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe not to make the Zambia mistake, let them not hand over power to puppets of the West. Kenya did well to say No to western imperialists by voting for comrade Ruto, Zimbabwe should protect itself by maintaining Zanu-PF in power,” he said.

Mr. Lusambo said Zimbabweans should follow keenly the happenings in Zambia where people have now realised that voting for the UPND was a big mistake.

“Zimbabweans please don’t think comrade Mnangagwa is a bad man, he is not a bad man, even comrade Chamisa isn’t a bad person per se but he only been used by the bad people in the West to come and destroy Zimbabwe the way Hakainde Hichilema is destroying Zambia,” he said.


  1. Now why dont you go there and try and assist them
    we first have to look after ourselves
    remember they also took more water from Kariba than ZRA allowed

    • Typical PF fools, what has Zimbabwe got to do with Zambia? You mean Zimbabwe has no President? LT. please don’t waste space with such Nonsense. Lusambo just want attention to Join UPND. It will not happen.

  2. You criticise a president who is trying to maintain a cordial relationship with both the West AND China. Now you see that life can’t be just about China? Why not just encourage your friends to maximise their close relationship with the China?

  3. People don’t regret voting your Pompwe Front out; that was their main objective.

    Zambia should not engage in liberating other nations again. We did that and suffered economically. Now it’s Zimbabwe’s turn to chart their own way forward.

    And why didn’t you ask Lungu to champion Zimbabwe’s sanctions cause? They were still under sanctions during your tenure!

  4. Watch this space, Zimbabwe will have the last laugh. At least they now know who their real en3rmy is after their darling friend Britain turned against them. 2H better act quick because he is on borrowed time.

  5. okay this is very true why are our southern african leaders so quite on Zimbabwe sanctions the African Union, Sadc, Comesa, we have african leaders who rub shoulders with the so called world powers why not table Zimbabwe and help our brothers and sisters.

  6. The west wants Zimbabwe to compensate the white farmers who lost farms to war vets as a condition for lifting sanctions and unobstructed voting for citizens…….

    Where you stand with these conditions is your opinion, right or wrong , but……..

    That is the situation……

  7. Bowman, tell your friends in Zimbabwe to deal with China and Russia. Why do you still want them to befriend the west when you keep saying that it’s China and Russia who hold economic development. Tell Zim to go to China and Russia. Why do you want HH to intervene? In fact, we have helped Zim more than enough and they are an ungreatful people, similar to the PF ungrateful gang.

  8. If he is so insistent on how the current president is a puppet of the West, why encourage him to speak against there sanctions?
    This was clearly a publicity stunt for him to get sympathy and end up in goods books with unhappy Zimbabwean citizens.

  9. Congratulations Bowman for this important advocacy push and count on Afrikaconnector to walk with you let’s move the lobbying for beloved Zimbabwe and our Southern Rhodesia twin

  10. Dull people like Lusambo do not even know why Zimbabwe were sanctioned, looking for excuses in other people is not being smart or relevant to any cause. Lusambo never mentioned Zimbabwe during the PF reign because they share the same mentality of human right abuses and undemocratic tendances. They need to work that out themselves or learn to manage and survive with those sanctions. Zambia already played its part in helping liberating the regions from the colonisers. We cannot perpetually continue fighting for these countries. We have enough problems already.

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