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President Hichilema has positively Transformed Zambia – UPND Trustee


United Party For National Development (UPND) National Trustee Grace Chivube Kaluwe says the huge achievements scored by the UPND are hurting some opposition political party members who do not mean well for the country.

Grace Chivube Kaluwe commonly known as Mama G stated that President Hakainde Hichilema has positively transformed the country and this is hurting the enemies of development.

Speaking yesterday when she addressed the media at the party Secretariat, Ms Chivube said that Bowman Lusambo, Harry Kalaba, Sean Tembo, Chilufya Tayali, Kelvin Bwalya Fube and others, all belong to the opposition Patriotic Front – PF family tree and are busy cooking lies to distract the government and paint a negative picture of the UPND, despite the UPND has scoring many achievements since it formed government.

“President Hichilema has restored meal allowances for students in public universities, introduced free education, employed teachers and health workers, and ensured that half of the retirees are paid their benefits, 116 Council workers are cleared, this has been done within one year of coming into office,” she said

On free education, Ms Chivube mentioned that this is one of the great achievement scored by the UPND as it is President Hichilema’s belief that if a child is not in school and attaining the needed knowledge and education then the country will go down in terms of development hence the introduction of free education to ensure that no child is left behind.

Ms Chivube stated opposition parties such as the PF are bitter because the money they were using to enrich themselves has been channeled towards uplighting the livelihoods of the Zambian people.

Ms Chivube further stated that the Lusaka City Council is now exercising their mandate of collecting revenue in the markets and bus stations.

“Within only one year and four months the UPND has managed to give back to the people of Zambia about 28 million, and even more money has been given back to Zambians, which has pained the opposition family tree, the UPND has done a lot compared to what the PF did in 10 years,” he said

“This is the money the PF were using to build houses, buy cars and other properties, and if this is not why is it that the PF became rich just within a short period of time, but the UPND has taken this money back to the people to improve their well being,” she said

She disclosed that if the UPND came into power without finding all these loopholes and potholes that they have been mending and fixing, by now they would have been moving on a different angle and level.

Ms Chivube has since challenged Mr Lusambo to tell the Zambians where President Hichilema and Vice President W.K. Mutale Nalumango have been misled, adding that President Hichilema and his administration are on course delivering the promises it made while in opposition, adding that even this year 2023 alot of changes being undertaken will be seen.

“Bowman Lusambo should tell us if at all the Zambian Constitution has changed, because the Constitution clearly states that when a party is voted in power, they are given five years mandate to fulfil and deliver on their promises to the people of this country,” she said

And Ms Chivube said it is disgusting that each time people switch on their television sets, they are greeted by misleading information perpetuated by Mr Lusambo and his PF family tree.

She noted that the Zambian people are alive to the fact that UPND has delivered to their expectations.

Meanwhile, Ms Chivube mentioned that people are now moving around freely as they even have the freedom of expressing themselves nicely in public.


  1. One fact is for certain…HH’s government will be one of the most scrutinised because of the dark dungeon the country emerged from

  2. Well enumerated successful story of UPND Mama. More is W I P to clear the total mess created by noise makers. Their noisy lies Zambians know PF belongs to the bin and buried.

  3. 100%……….

    Only those who expect free cash handouts or a freemeal don’t see that there is much work to do to fix things……….

    It is work , after work after work……….

    For a better tomorrow for our children.

    Forward 2031………..

  4. The Truth is that HH and UPND has not transformed Zambia how can you say about transformation without acknowledging the past Governments. Was Zambia a bush for you to say about transformation.

  5. Ms Chivuve,just work.Stop this Trumpian rhetoric. Zambia needs more infrastructure development.Sata started it.Build on it. This mentality of “one upmaniship “ is just too crass!!

  6. I don’t remember a time when people were not free to move about.
    The fact that Upnd members always clashed with the PF cadres doesn’t mean there was no freedom of movement.
    More people have been imprisoned for the nonsense called Defamation of The President in HH’s two years than in Lungu’s ten years.

  7. Yes transformed because you have taken over the silver plates and silverware PF used to feed with….K225.00 mealie meal Transformed
    Loadshedding Transformed
    Fuel price Transformed
    FISP Transformed
    Kwacha Transformed
    General cost of living Transformed.

  8. Everything UPND has touched is tainted. FISP is a disaster. No farmer has been compensated for their loss of crop for the 2021-22 season. 2022-23 has already affected farmers by late inputs delivery, army worms, late rains and now heavy deluge and flooding. Villages after villages are starving, looking at devastated fields, hunger looking at their faces.
    And President, talking about corruption free government, cannot prod Minister of Agriculture to get insurance claims settled for 2021-22 and use the money to compensate the starving farmers?
    What is stopping the ministry to sue the Insurance companies that were paid millions to get what is due from them?

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