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President Hichilema off for to Senegal for Dakar Summit on Agriculture for Zambia


President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA of Zambia has left for Senegal to attend the Dakar two-day summit on Agriculture. President HICHILEMA is part of a select Committee of African Heads of State tasked to ensure the continent mobilizes cheaper capital for the Agricultural inputs and value chain investment. The Head of State has been invited to attend the summit by his Senegalese counterpart MACKY SALL who is also Chairperson of the African Union.

The President was seen off by Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister STANLEY KAKUBO, Lusaka Province Minister SHEAL MULYATA and Service Chiefs at the Zambia Air Force -ZAF Base Airport. The Presidential Challenger took off at 10:45 hours. And Speaking to journalists shortly after the President’s departure, Mr. KAKUBO said President HICHILEMA’s International trips are of great benefit to the country’s development. Mr. KAKUBO explained that the President will only focus on trips that will be of great benefit to the country.

The Head of State will participate in the summit from tomorrow, January 25th, up until Friday, January 27th, 2023. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Stanely Kakubo said the trip is at the invitation of the President of that country Macky Sall.

He said in a statement that Mr Hichilema is part of a select Committee of African Heads of State who are tasked to ensure Africa mobilises cheaper capital funds for the Agricultural inputs and value chain investment. “President Hichilema will therefore join 18 other Heads of State and Government at the second edition of this important Summit, convened in collaboration with African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Fund for Agricultural Research (IFAR) where the African Development Bank is expected to announce its Compact Fund to support structural transformation in agriculture in countries such as Zambia,” he said.

Mr Kakubo stated that during the Summit under the theme, “Feed Africa: Food Resilience and Food Sovereignty”, the President will participate in Presidential High Level Roundtable discussions on agriculture ,food security and integration. He said President will as well as preside over the presentation of Zambia’s Compact on Agriculture, which outlines the country’s potential and strategies for development of the sector, in order to attract investments from to private sector stakeholders, multilateral organisations.

“The participation of the President in this meeting is therefore crucial in order to shore up the Government’s ongoing efforts to create opportunities for joint ventures and partnerships in the Agriculture sector, with key industry players, in recognition of it being a major source of livelihood for the majority of the Zambian people.The Government, under the leadership of President Hichilema, has continued to seek investments towards climate smart agriculture in order to enhance food security, ensure resilience of livelihoods and respond to the effects of climate change,” he said.

Mr Kakubo added that on the margins of the Summit, the President is also scheduled to hold bilateral meetings with other leaders and heads of key international organisations. The President’s participation in the summit is a significant step towards addressing the issues related to agricultural inputs and value chain investment, which are crucial for the development of the continent. The President’s presence in the summit will represent the country’s commitment to addressing these issues and finding solutions for them.

It is expected that the summit will result in the formation of concrete plans and strategies to mobilize cheaper capital for the agricultural inputs and value chain investment. The President’s participation in the summit is a testament to his commitment to the development of the country and the continent as a whole. The President’s international trips are an important aspect of the government’s efforts to improve the lives of the citizens and promote sustainable growth for the country.


  1. Ati ayenda pa Senegal for agricultural summit?

    He wants to teach the Senegalese how to split a bag of fertilizer into 12 medas. Hahaha fuseke

  2. Icho, president without portfolio is going to cover the minister of agriculture in Dakar. Soon he will be heading to the gender equality meeting on behalf of NGOs.

  3. My uncle was always absent from home with various excuses…. but bottom line he had no solution to the problems facing his household.

  4. I never saw KK move like this in 27 years. Not even Kamwendo Banda or Chiluba. Every three days he is out of Zambia!!!!! How much are we paying for his entourages??
    May be the Senegalese voted for him too?

  5. Mmmmmmm……..I’m a praise singer but HH should tone down on his foreign trips. This was not even necessary for him to travel. He should have delegated to his Agriculture Minister. Kaya by the time we will reach 2026!

  6. HH is a joke of a President…and he has no shame….wasting taxpayers money with international trips that won’t add anything to the Zambian economy…..he is enjoying the Presidential Jet and he enjoys the Airport runway handshakes….the entire cabinet lines up at the Airport runway half of his Cabinet joins him on his trips….POLITICIANS only care about themselves…never be fooled again

  7. I remember the zambian man who is in senegal for the sammitte he use to call his friend who use to hold the same job position as kamwado munjila. as the saying goes ( chaona muzako chapita mu maba chili paiwah )

  8. The Cameroon president was just passing amasushi during the so-called Africa USA summit. You wonder what that country benefitted from the meeting.

  9. The man has absolutely failed. He is running away from problems. He thought being a president is as easy as ABC. This is the worst president Zambia will ever had. Talking with no pragmatism at all. He is full of rhetoric with no action to show for. Mr Vasco Da Gama.

  10. Just what the f**k is wrong with Zambia presidents with their addiction to completely useless and very expensive “Kamwendo munjila”? This guy I had a lot of hope in but these trips have started worrying me.

  11. Haha. Let him get good advise from his Kaizar Zulu. After all they all got rich through stealing. My. People in Mufulira are now making soup from eyes to cows and goats.

  12. Leave the president alone and most of you are still reeling from the shock that he is President of this nation. Stop being childish see the value addition of this trips you losers

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