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Anthony Bwalya was not suitable for the role of Presidential Spokesperson-Sean Tembo


Sean Tembo, the President of the People’s Party (PeP), has shared his thoughts on the recent re-assignment of Presidential Spokesperson, Mr. Anthony Bwalya, to become Zambia’s Deputy High Commissioner to Tanzania. The move has caused a social media storm, with many speculating on the reasons behind the decision.

“As an opposition leader, I actually enjoy condemning the New Dawn administration. I spend most of my time scrutinizing their actions and words looking for faults, and when I find those faults, I enjoy amplifying them and then repeating them and further amplifying them,” said Mr. Tembo.

However, on this matter of the re-assignment of Mr. Anthony Bwalya, Mr. Tembo is of a different opinion.

One popular opinion is that President Hakainde Hichilema used Mr. Bwalya to create a semblance of a regionally balanced State House team and that, like the former Presidential Photographer; Chellah Tukuya, he will be replaced by someone from one of the Zambezi Provinces.

“I do not share this popular opinion for the simple reason that Mr. Anthony Bwalya’sreplacement has not yet been announced and it is wrong to speculate. What if he is replaced by another Bemba or an Easterner? Will it not be embarrassing to those who were prematurely peddling this line of thought?” said Mr. Tembo.

Another popular opinion is that Mr. Bwalya was demoted due to the difference in rank between the position of Presidential Spokesperson, which is equivalent to the level of Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, and that of Deputy High Commissioner, which is equivalent to that of Assistant Director.

However, Mr. Tembo believes that this is not an important issue. “If we are going to hold President Hakainde Hichilema accountable for his performance or lack thereof, we need to give him the leeway to hire, fire, demote and promote as he sees fit. It is not for us to dictate who should be promoted or demoted, fired or hired,” said Mr. Tembo.

Mr. Tembo believes that the more pertinent question is whether Mr. Bwalya was good at his job as Presidential Spokesperson.

“Just like the majority of President Hakainde Hichilema’s appointments, it was based on a perceived debt that he acquired from individuals who contributed to his struggles during the time he was in opposition. I believe this is a misconception because the team you need to do politics while you are in opposition may not necessarily be suitable for you to run a government when you ascend to power,” said Mr. Tembo.

Furthermore, Mr. Tembo believes that the job of a Presidential Spokesperson is an important one for any administration, as it is the face of the presidency. “My idea of an appropriate Presidential Spokesperson is someone who does not have a public life of their own, and whose only public life is that of being a Spokesperson to the President. Otherwise, there is an inherent risk of undermining the presidency in ways that are unknown and unseen,” said Mr. Tembo.

He also added that “If the people of Zambia are gracious enough to make me their President one day, my idea of a Presidential Spokesperson is someone who is not going to be in the public domain for any other purpose or reason other than the specific business of the presidency.”

In conclusion, Mr. Tembo believes that Mr. Anthony Bwalya was not suitable for the role of Presidential Spokesperson and that his re-assignment to the position of Deputy High Commissioner to Tanzania may be for the better. He also adds that the President should have the freedom to hire, fire, demote, and promote as he sees fit and that speculating on the reasons behind the re-assignment is not appropriate until a replacement has been announced.


  1. Its like the Opposition Party’s don’t have anything going on in their Party’s. Who is your Spokesperson for your Party? Do you even have meetings? How is reshuffling a presidential aide be NEWS mwebanthu? We have a debt of $19 billion. You’re worried about a single State House Aide? Malabishi mwe.

    • What LT told us is that he was bribed by Saudi Arabs who gave him 600,000 dollars..
      If thats the case he should be prosecuted not demoted or deployed to an embassy. That is sweeping dirt under the carpet

  2. When the President makes an appointment, it’s either he has initiated the appointment or the appointee has been nominated by an institution. More often it’s the appointing authority that initiates. So it’s difficult to divorce the appointing authority from the performance of the appointee. Tony didn’t seem to have been given chance to perform functions of his position. It’s like he was only there for some reason only known to the person that appointed him. This lack of actions seems to have pushed him to initiate media appearances just to be seen to be relevant, instead of being a Presidential spokesperson. I don’t know how Zambia views its foreign service because all sorts of characters are sent there. If he failed at State House, do we expect him to do better wherever he’s going?

  3. Why can you not just say that Anthony Bwalya is Bemba. We told him even in opposition that you are a means to and end. Once you part is done they get rid of you. He was used as a face mask and was never one of them just like JBM, KBF, CK, Canisius Banda. These tribals will just use you and go back to there own.

  4. Thanks, the only clarification I have to make is that the people of Zambia will not be gracious enough to make you President. However, you have good grey matter for Minister of Commerce or Finance. I also note you are a good analyst, especially when you remove politics and malice in your analysis. But of course, Importantly for you to get public office in Zambia will be dependent on how good you will explain the circumstances in which you left Botswana. Otherwise, you are a good analyst Sir.

  5. Who is Anthony Bwalya. What is his background. What did he do before he landed the State House job
    I only came to know of his existence when he became press assistant to the president.

  6. Sean Tembo has no capacity to tell us who is suitable for a role or not. In the first place, himself is not suitable to be an opposition leader

    • I Suggest that the President appoints Kenneth Maduma as his Press Aid,he is a veteran scribe with years of experience or even Kasebamashila can be appointed

  7. @ Mwana, are you having laugh? Kenneth Maduma has dementia! How can you be so cruel to suggest that he gets the job as press aide!

    • @ Tebulu,i was not aware that Kenneth Maduma is having health challenges,i wish well and a speedy recovery,then we can look at youngmen like Costa Mwansa from Diamond T.V Mark Simuwe and Kennedy Limwanya,all these can do a good Job as Presidential Press Aids.

    • I would be doing upnd and especially hh a favour by accepting an appointment in his failing government. Remember that our father ecl only lost after I left that position.

  8. Astonishing change of tone by Mr Tembo! What happened?

    Mr Bwalya was good enough during the campaigns, but, apparently not now. Strange! Will “Tuks” be next to be discarded?

  9. @ William+Banda – I’m struggling to believe Mr Bwalya failed his job. During campaigns, his name was synonymous with that of Mr Hichilema’s. Mr Bwalya seemed to be there all the time. Any failures in his job delivery would’ve been noticed, & nipped in the bud. So, what’s really gone wrong now? The sure thing is: however hard-nosed you might be, if those you work with want you to fail, you will definitely fail. I feel sorry for the guy; it’s like a public divorce!

  10. In all honesty Anthony Bwalya is Just a blogger and he has no Journalism background….Presidential aid is a very lucrative appointment and you someone with very good PR skills…HH should do away with his Cadre appointments…Anthony Bwalya was given that Job because he is a UPND Cadre just like Tukuta and Pilato…..Cadres shouldn’t be rewarded with jobs…..

    • Samuel you are just a sad loser. What have you ever contributed to our country? I have served this national diligently. Have some respect

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