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Plans by opposition political parties to impeach President Hakainde Hichilema are baseless – UPND


United Party for National Development – UPND Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Anderson Banda has described opposition political parties calling for the impeachment of President Hakainde Hichilema as bitter.
Mr Banda stated that it is unfortunate that the current crop of Patriotic Front – PF opposition members do not have the capacity to offer credible checks and balances.

He further stated that President Hichilema has delivered to the expectation of the Zambian citizens, adding that people on the ground are appreciating the strides the New Dawn Administration is making towards economic development and economic recovery.

“How possible it is to impeach a hard working President who is delivering to the expectation of the Zambian people, majority of the Zambian people out there are very happy and proud of President Hichilema’s leadership,” he said

Mr Banda mentioned that the UPND are delivering to the expectations of the Zamnian people as about 80 perecent to 90 percent of key promises made when they campaigning have so far been fulfilled.

“Unless you give me an example of critical promise that we made and hasn’t been fulfilled because so far to my knowledge all the key promises that we made to the people of Zambia have been fulfilled,and therefore, we commend the New Dawn Government,” he said

Mr Banda said that those people who are trying to hallucinate in daylight that they can even think of impeaching the President Hichilema, they should just accept defeat and also accept that they where democratically booted out power because of their recklessness, and abuse of leadership they portrayed during their ternour.

“I think they should just give the chance to President Hichilema and his government to also do their part. If they are popular and strong and if they think they are better than President Hakainde Hichilema let them wait for 2026 so that we boot them out again for the second time instead of making noise and diverting the attention of our hardworking President who is delivering to the expectation of the Zambian people, so let them go ahead if they think they have the number,” he said

“Basically our mandate is to dance to the tune of the Zambian people who are majority, and Prsident Hichilema is already exhibiting to be the servant of the people, for the first time in the history of this country, the man is not resting as he is working like a servant, or a common man, his not working day and night, they will call him this side he goes, and his exhibiting true servant to the people of Zambia,” he added

Since November last year, Opposition political parties among them the Patriotic Front, Economic Front, National Democratic Congress and Citizens First disclosed that they are in the process of issuing a motion of impeachment in parliament against President Hakainde Hichilema for failing to govern the country to the expectations of Zambians.

Speaking on behalf of the other parties at a joint media briefing in Lusaka, PF Chairperson For Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda mentioned that competent lawyers are crafting the motion and it will be passed in the house by the leader of the opposition in parliament.
Mr Nakacinda said that a motion of Censure against Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane, his Agriculture counterpart Reuben Mtolo as well as Health Minister Sylvia Masebo will be issued for allegedly being incompetent in the execution of their duties.

At the same briefing, National Democratic Congress – NDC President Saboi Imboela has appealed to the international community and the general public to take interest in the alleged human rights violation going on in the country.

Ms Imboela has also vowed that the opposition in the country will never stop talking if all the rights violations are aimed at silencing them.

But Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda dared the opposition to go ahead with their plans saying they will just be wasting their time to file a motion of impeachment against the president as people in the country are happy with the current government and the head of state.


  1. U cannot legislate against irrationality. Let the opposition go ahead and then they’ll fail like failure.

  2. This article is extremely poorly written. Did a Grace 1 write this article? The word “ternour” is supposed to be tenure. So many grammatical and spelling errors. LT, you need to be more professional. Hire a competent editor. Otherwise, we’ll have no choice but to impeach you.

  3. He has not delivered yet, but he is doing a good job and the direction is right. He cannot fix things over night looking at the colossal damage left behind by the PF regime. Let’s continue encouraging him, it will require some good 3 years or so.

  4. Do we even have opposition in Zambia? All we have are just political commentators. The late Sata could have been in Chavuma now thanking electorates even after losing elections and still campaigning. These opposition parties are just busy in Lusaka drinking tea and suspending one another.

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