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Over 100 Chief palaces to be constructed this year – President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema says government is targeting to build over 100 Chief’s palaces for the year 2023 as well as complete the palaces that are still under construction.

President Hichilema says the government is committed to institutionalize the Chieftaincy and restore decency for traditional leaders through construction of suitable offices and residential areas for chiefs.

“This year we have targeted to construct over 100 palaces and complete the ones that have been under construction since the year 2014. We want to institutionalize the palace with proper water articulation, some form of lighting using solar energy or other forms, build offices and meeting rooms. This time we are doing things differently” he said

Speaking when Senior Chief Kambombo of Chama District paid a courtesy call on him yesterday afternoon, the President said government is in the year 2023 focusing on addressing community concerns including infrastructure development and other emerging issues that need attention.

He emphasized that government will ensure that all road constructions are done at the right price, right quality and within the set framework and added that government will give construction to the local contractors.

The Head of State added that the increased Constituency Development Fund(CDF) is meant to improve the livelihoods of the people and has directed that the chief be represented on the committee to ensure that their views are heard

“The chief should have representation in the CDF committee so that the Chief’s views are well represented, the church will be represented too. We want the communities to prioritize their projects” he added

And Senior Chief Kambombo has thanked President Hichilema for moving Chama District back to the Eastern Province from Muchinga Province, stating that developmental projects that were disrupted as a result have since restarted

“We are grateful for the bold step you made of taking the district back to Eastern Province from Muchinga. We are even begining to see more development partners in the District,” he said

The Royal Highness who was speaking through his spokesperson Nixon Chilekwa appealed to the President to help the District with the rehabilitation of roads and bridges which he said are in a deplorable state.

He further requested for the president to facilitate purchase of an artificial limb and transportation to aid his movements since he had a surgical operation that left him with one led

“The Chief is having mobility issues as you can see his leg was amputated. We are asking that you can assist with an artificial limb to aid with the movements” he added

President Hakainde Hichilema has been engaging with traditional leaders with the last one being Chief Mpezeni last month.


  1. The nail on the coffin. We are finished…our land is on the menu. I would urge all our chiefs to organise themselves with good lawyers to advise them when these muzungus come with tricks which will force them to hand over land. We have money for 100 palaces from the same government urging its citizens to eat roller meal?

  2. It’s a waste of money ad no necessary. He hs forgotten on real issues facing the people, since he took power, the cost living hs gone up.

    • We cant be talking about mealie meal all the time, other things should be done despite the way the economy is

  3. The government needs to change the law, and stipulate that a) no foreigner can lease land in Zambia b) No chief can lease land in Zambia, either to a foreigner or a Zambian c) audit all the foreigners owning land and determined how they got into the country

  4. This is what we mean when we say some Chiefs can’t think properly. Civil servants and even the Chief himself will now require to travel to Lundazi on a bush track for over 300km then connect to Chipata by another over 100km just to get a leave form signed. Wasn’t it easier to get to Chinsali? As for the palaces, I think that Chiefs should be assisted to build their own family houses that’ll be inherited after their death so that they don’t leave their wives and children destitute. Some of these palaces maybe abandoned because most Chiefs in Zambia don’t reside where their friends lived. It’s a belief by many that’s superstitious. I think HH knows better and advise on this matter so that resources aren’t wasted on a project that isn’t widely accepted

    • @Ayatollah dont we have 72 tribes? Anything above that are cadres seeking homes to rent out. In any case educate me: Who needs houses Chiefs or their subjects? Shouldnt the government be working on building low cost houses for villagers so as to uplift standards of living? As it is building palaces is just entrenching class division

  5. Wrong move HH ,lets redirect the monies to build proper markets for street vendors and keeping our towns clean/presentable.

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