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Hon. Mwansa Kapeya, Legendary Zambian Broadcaster, Politician, and Ambassador, Passes Away


It is with heavy hearts that the nation of Zambia mourns the loss of Hon. Mwansa Kapeya, a former Minister of Information, PF Provincial Chairman of Muchinga, and Zambian Ambassador to Botswana. Mr. Kapeya was a legendary figure in the media and political landscape of Zambia, known for his contribution to the country through his work in broadcasting and politics.

Mr. Kapeya  began his journey in the media industry as a broadcaster with Zambia Broadcasting Services. He soon made a name for himself in the Bemba Section and was famous for his role in the popular radio drama sketch “Ifyabukaya.” His work in the media industry was just the beginning of his contributions to Zambia, as he went on to become one of the pioneers of the Patriotic Front and served as a Member of Parliament for Mpika Central Constituency.

In his later years, Mr. Kapeya served as the Minister of Information and went on to become the Provincial Chairman of Muchinga. He was then appointed as the Zambian Ambassador to Botswana, where he continued to serve the people of Zambia with distinction.

The late Hon. Mwansa Kapeya will be remembered by many Zambians as a veteran broadcaster who brought entertainment and laughter into the homes of many Zambians through his work in radio drama. He will also be remembered as a pioneering figure in the Patriotic Front and as a public servant who served the people of Zambia with distinction in various capacities.

In a tribute, Francis Chewe said, “Very sad news. He gave me a good welcome in Gaborone in 2020, and we talked about ifyabukaya and his roles and that of ba Joseph Kabwe in that famous program. He did contribute to Zambia in many ways. May the Lord comfort his family.”

The loss of Hon. Mwansa Kapeya is a loss for the entire nation of Zambia. He will always be remembered as a soldier of democracy who left a lasting impact on the lives of many Zambians. Lusakatimes extends its deepest condolences to the late Hon. Mwansa Kapeya’s wife and family during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.

As we reflect on the life and legacy of Hon. Mwansa Kapeya, we remember a man who dedicated his life to serving his country and to bringing laughter and entertainment into the homes of many Zambians. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, but his contributions to Zambia will live on forever.


  1. This man was legendary indeed I remember grandmas cancelling everything in the schedule so they could listen to Mwansa Kapeya’s radio show!!

  2. What happened to Journalism in Zambia surely how you can not write about the passing of someone without including cause of death, where he died, how old he was at the time of his dealth, where he was born, number of children left behind…these are basics of writing tibute articles.

    • Pathetic reports. Unfortunately nowadays they abound. I see stories about death but no cause, or where it happened. An editor will receive any printed trash and just pass it on to the reader. And people like Kapeya deserve an obituary. Any self respecting news publisher already has these in its library so when HH dies you dont have to run around like headless chickens but just dash to your library

  3. Awe chabipa mwe! Where are the other legends Emelda Yumbe, George Mwampatisha, Leonard Kantumoya, Harold Besa These made radio exciting!

  4. He died a very sad man watching this country dilapidating under upnd. Rip sir and sorry you had to witness such poor governance

  5. He died a sad man because when he left employment PF never paid realistic benefits to him. Mostly, thieves from PF like Kaizer Zulu are the ones with money stolen when in government. Others even ridiculed Ambassador Panji Kaunda for being in need like ordinary Zambians. PF caused Zambians to die with depression. PF should apologise to Zambia

    • Can you hear yourself you mad cow. Go and cry to your hh. It is you who voted him in thinking he will change your lives. Beans haha

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