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IPPRZ Calls on Law Enforcement to Tackle Corruption at All Levels in Zambia


The Institute for Public Policy Research-Zambia (IPPRZ) released a statement today calling on law enforcement agencies to take action against corruption at all levels in Zambia. The Director of IPPRZ, Mr. Fidelis Solomon Ngoma, expressed his concern about the damaging effects of corruption in the country.

“It’s so distasteful that political corruption damages society to the extent that voters expect bribes from candidates and political parties during elections,” said Mr. Ngoma. “Corrupt people can easily be elected to positions of leadership, and a corrupt elected leadership runs a corrupt system and thrives on further corruption.”

Mr. Ngoma emphasized the importance of ensuring that the political system and electoral process have the highest level of confidence among the Zambian people. He called on the administration of President Hakainde Hichilema to lead the fight against corruption.

“In my view, and our view as the Institute for Public Policy Research in Zambia, corruption in all its manifestations is immoral and unethical,” Mr. Ngoma stated. “We recently raised concerns about the financial irregularities mentioned in the Auditor General’s report, and we urge the government to take action before the situation worsens.”

President Hichilema has established various institutions, such as the Anti-Corruption Commission, Office of the Attorney General, the Drug Enforcement Commission, and the Economic Crimes fast track court, to support the fight against corruption. However, Mr. Ngoma stressed that these institutions cannot fight corruption alone, and called for the support of civil society and NGOs.

“Your administration should be a lead partner in our nation’s anti-corruption crusade,” he said. “It should not only come from the mouth of President Hichilema, but also from the various stakeholders, including government and top party officials, in order for us to fight this virus.”

Mr. Ngoma also emphasized the need to revisit some of the acts in the Zambian constitution, such as the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, Electoral Commission Act, and Drug Enforcement Commission Act, to promote transparency and accountability.

“We expect that the government will create new institutions in an effort to ensure that the ideas of accountability and transparency are actualized in reality, not merely parroted as meaningless slogans as we’ve seen in the past,” he said.

The IPPRZ statement is a call to action for all stakeholders to join the fight against corruption in Zambia. The institute recognizes the difficulties faced by the various institutions involved, but believes that by working together, they can make a positive impact on the country.

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