Saturday, February 24, 2024

Umusepela Chile unleashes the much-anticipated visuals for “Emergency Room”


Umusepela chile

Umusepela Chile, the breakout star of Headphone Music, has finally unleashed the much-anticipated visuals for “Emergency Room“. This blazing single is lifted from his critically-acclaimed EP, “Son Of Man“, and features the multifaceted talent of Zar The Supreme.

“Emergency Room” takes listeners on a journey into the mind of a patient experiencing a life-threatening emergency. The video, brought to life by the visionary director duo OG Beejay and Jay Rox, features a dynamic conversation between Zar as the doctor and Chile as the patient, who sees their life flash before their eyes.

Get ready to experience the raw emotion and intensity of “Emergency Room”, as Umusepela Chile and Zar The Supreme bring their A-game to this powerful collaboration.



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