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U.S Congressional delegation visits Zambia to witness U.S. government support


A U.S. Congressional delegation along with the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies in Rome Cindy McCain this week visited Zambia to witness how the U.S. government, in partnership with the Government of Zambia and UN agencies, is investing in Zambia’s greatest resource – its people.

The delegation of leaders from the U.S. Senate Committees on Appropriations and Foreign Relations included Senators Lindsey Graham, Bob Menendez, Chris Coons, Martin Heinrich, Chris Van Hollen, and Mark Kelly.
The delegation, accompanied by U.S.

Ambassador to Zambia Michael Gonzales, met with Minister of Foreign Affairs Stanley Kakubo and Minister of Tourism Rodney Sikumba to discuss the Zambian Government’s commitment to improve accountable and responsive governance, inclusive economic growth, and the delivery of services.

The delegation also visited Kabuyu Primary School to observe how the Zambian Government, with support from the U.S. government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Food Programme (WFP), is strengthening the quality of education and improving nutrition for children attending school.

While at the school, the delegation observed a reading lesson supported through the USAID Let’s Read program, which partners with Zambia’s Ministry of Education to improve reading outcomes for approximately 1.4 million children from pre-primary classes through Grade 3 in Zambia’s primary schools.

The Let’s Read program is implemented in over half of all public primary and community schools across Zambia.

The delegation also saw how the Zambian Government, through its Home Grown School Meals Program, is improving school enrolment, attendance, and retention by providing meals to students and enhancing their nutrition intake.

The delegation also visited the Kabuyu Bulking Center to observe how the Zambian Government is working with United Nations agencies to protect smallholder farmers against climate-related shocks such as floods and droughts by promoting conservation agriculture practices; diversifying livelihoods; and facilitating access to finance and stable, predictable markets.

Before departing Zambia, the delegation had the opportunity to appreciate the majestic Victoria Falls and explore investment and people-to-people opportunities through Zambia’s tourism industry.


  1. The bosses have come to check on their gardenboy….I dont see HH making trips to China anytime soon the man is too subservant to the US muzungus!!

  2. The naive boy tarino has now awoke from his deep tribal sleep. We have bee saying that for long time.

    They even have a military base right on Zambian soil. How f00Iish is hh. Did he not grow up mingling with these whltes. Why is he so obsessed

  3. Senator Lindsey Graham visiting Zambia, it’s a curse. The man is a real flippant and always fooled by the fakers.

  4. That is a very bad sign for our mother Zambia , those people don’t mean well for our people where ever they have been problems follow , how can they say they want to help Zambia when our brothers and sisters in their country are being mistreated as criminals in their own country, are we any different from those in America I don’t think so .
    Zambia at the moment is very attractive to them since the transition of motor vehicles into electric , copper being one of the major components into this industry now they are coming in like flies or vultures at dead animal remains, carcass to feast.

  5. Iam really surprised to how our Zambian government is so casual in the way they are taking our mineral wealth do they really care about our copper or other minerals under our ground.
    To start with can’t they see the pressure on Kakubo all by himself against this group of clever manipulating human beings , Kakubo is intimidated by this heavy presence of people he doesn’t much about , he cannot express himself with this heavy presence all he will do is sign anything they want.
    This is what I can call poor governance to say the least how do you expect the villager Kakubo to stand the pressure of these people , Iam really dissapointed with this government .

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