Friday, February 23, 2024

ANIVO-Z Urges Zambian Government to Reject Mining Proposal in Lower Zambezi National Park


Animal Voice Welfare Platform – Zambia (ANIVO-Z), a prominent animal welfare group, has issued a press statement advising the Zambian government to reconsider the proposed Kangaluwi open mine in Lower Zambezi National Park. The group highlights that the Lower Zambezi is intricately linked to three other countries, and mining in such a protected and delicate area with a shared ecosystem will create complex and controversial issues with far-reaching consequences.

ANIVO-Z warns that the anticipated biodiversity loss and the resultant mining footprint is expected to have far-reaching impacts and consequences for all three countries that share the Lower Zambezi ecosystem. The group argues that the exact life span of the Kangaluwi Copper Mine is extremely uncertain, and projections suggest a 25-year mining period after which there will be no further economic activities in the area.

The group questions whether Zambia can afford to destroy a pristine ecosystem that has stood for thousands of years within a 25-year period and leave it as a wasteland for eternity. The real economic benefits of mining in Lower Zambezi are also questioned against the well-known after-effects of mining. ANIVO-Z argues that wherever mining has occurred, biodiversity loss has been heavy, including animal and tree species among others. The group warns that the sheer magnitude and scale of any mining operation will have serious, permanent, and irreversible consequences.

ANIVO-Z also highlights that once the mine is developed, mining-associated infrastructure and other support industries will attract human populations causing new threats to the Lower Zambezi National Park or exacerbating pre-existing threats further, such as over-exploitation, invasive species, and habitat loss for other land uses. The group is unable to predict the cumulative impact of what is known as “multiplier effects,” which will have far-reaching and unknown negative consequences.

ANIVO-Z categorically and strongly opposes any intentions, whether real or perceived, to operationalize mining in the pristine ecosystem of Lower Zambezi. The group urges the Zambian government to take a proactive stance based on a well-informed and risk-based in-depth understanding of the present and possible future impact and threats posed by this activity.

Animal Voice Welfare Platform – Zambia (ANIVO-Z) was founded to promote animal welfare in Zambia and is committed to the prevention of cruelty to animals. The group also advocates for the protection of the environment and the preservation of the country’s natural resources.


  1. Sadly, this ship has sailed. That mining is going on, the only person who can stop it is the head of state since the courts have given their judgement. However, we all know that HH loves foreign companies and he also acted as a consultant for Zambezi Resources.
    Most importantly, what on earth is this NGO? Who are it’s figure heads? Where have they been when this affair was garnering international attention?

  2. One of upnd promises was that there would be no mining in ZLNP once they come in but I see like other promises they have backfired on this one as well.

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