Friday, February 23, 2024

Opposition Leader Urges Government to Avert Doctors’ Strike


Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Brian Mundubile, has urged the Zambian Government to prevent a nationwide strike by medical doctors by resolving the standoff between them and the government. The Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) had warned that medical doctors would commence a nationwide strike from March 1, 2023, following their omission from the 10.5% salary increment for civil servants.

According to the Civil Servants Allied Workers Union of Zambia Union President, Davy Chiyobe, the 10.5% increment did not cater to doctors because they were at management level. Commenting on the development, Mr. Mundubile, who is also the Patriotic Front (PF) Presidential Candidate, said the government should not neglect existing staff by improving their conditions of service even after employing 11,000 health workers.

He argued that it would be meaningless to employ 11,000 workers if senior doctors who supervise them go on strike due to poor conditions of service. Mr. Mundubile added that the fact that the conditions of service were negotiated meant that it was time for them to be implemented.

“We also need to add that after employing 11,000 health workers, it was hoped that the decision would see improved service delivery in public healthcare facilities,” he said. Mr. Mundubile also expressed concerns about reports of shortages of staff in healthcare facilities in some parts of the country. He called on the government to quickly look into the issue.

The strike by medical doctors could be devastating for the already overburdened healthcare system in Zambia. It is essential that the government addresses the doctors’ grievances to prevent the strike and ensure that the public has access to quality healthcare.


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