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Veep Nalumango urges Africa to cement democratic ideals


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has challenged African countries that participated in the just ended second summit for democracy to take the resolutions that have been made seriously in order to deepen their democratic practices.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Nalumango said it is important for the participants to ensure that all the resolutions are realized as a way of enhancing democracy for the benefit of the people.

Speaking during the closing ceremony of the second summit for democracy in Lusaka, Mrs Nalumango, explained that issues deliberated during the summit are critical to fostering development on the African continent.

She added that there is also need for countries to pursue and promote social and economic development which is anchored on inclusivity for all the citizens, including vulnerable groups like women, youths and people living with disabilities.

She emphasised the need to promote free and fair elections as a bedrock towards attaining democracy and development by countries.

The Vice president further called on African governments to work together towards creating an enabling environment for democracy and good governance to thrive through respect for human rights and rule of law.

Mrs Nalumango stated that for African countries, as enshrined in the African Union, they made a commitment to entrench democracy, hence the need to ensure that at the next summit for democracy, there is need to show progress on the various agreed decisions during this summit.

She also thanked the United States government for giving Zambia an opportunity to co-host an important event targeted at highlighting the role of democracy in national development.

And United States Aid for International Development USAID, Assistant Administrator for Africa Monde Muyangwa thanked the Zambian government for the strides made in strengthening democracy in the last 18 months.

Dr Muyangwa further called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to ensure that there is effective delivery of democracy and development in all nations.

She also pledged the US government’s continued support to promote and defend the tenents of democracy in the world.


  1. You have no shame at all. How democratic are you? You can’t even answer simple questions in parliament, but choose to shut up the questioners.

    • Democracy is Important in Africa. However, Africa has never been offered a platform and chance to practice it fully as the same proponents of Democracy come in so regularly to interfere with it. Instead they are told what to do instead of asking for Africa’s opinion. So hoping for total democracy in Africa, it is a far fetched dream. But let’s continue pushing for it as one day is one day. Things might work to our favour despite interference from the west.

      Paul Simbeye

  2. Don’t you say such things to Her Honour the Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia Mutale Nalumango. She’s doing just fine.

    • Gunner in Zambia.. yes to she’s doing fine just like PF thugs used to say Lungu was doing fine.
      The truth is she is arrogant and has no time to pay attention to pertinent issues. Just look at the way she is sitting like a male peacock demonstrating his plume.

  3. Nangu babi ba mayo batelela bwino. Batampa ukufwala bwino.

    Mulile limo, 2026 you are out. Mukayebipa nafuti


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