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President Hichilema lauds LAZ for its resilience


President Hakainde Hichilema has commended the Law Association of Zambia for its resilience and contribution made in the country through its members since its 50 years of existence.

President Hichilema says since the country’s independence, lawyers have faced numerous challenges but managed to carry out their role in an exemplary and professional manner.

He pointed out that the change of governments and their style of leadership did not spare the way of operating but maintained professionalism.

“Your resilience and upholding of professionalism is commendable. You had to go through challenges but prevailed,” he said.

Mr Hichilema also urged the legal professions to help government to address the many gaps in the constitution as the country looks at reforming its laws.

He noted that lacunas in the Constitution have an effect on the efficiency of the judiciary as well as the executive.

President Hichilema stated that the issue of constitutional reform was very cardinal as many citizens have suffered injustices as a result of inconsistencies in the law.

The President prodded the legal practitioners to continue working with his administration in addressing the challenges of the constitution.

Mr Hichilema further urged lawyers to keep a watchful eye on corruption elements in government.

The President also challenged lawyers to work with government in the fight against corruption, a vice he says has the potential to affect the development of the legal fraternity if left unchecked.

President Hichilema said the legal fraternity has the moral duty to protect the citizens.

He wondered why in the past certain projects would be passed and lawyers assent to them yet robbing off the wealth of citizens.

Meanwhile President Hichilema has pledged governments support towards the operations of the Lusaka Centre for International Arbitration, an initiative of the Law Association of Zambia.

The Head of State was speaking in Livingstone today when he officially opened the 10th Law Association of Zambia Annual Conference taking place at Avani Hotel under the theme “LAZ @50 celebrating our past with a vision for the future.”

And speaking earlier, Law Association of Zambia President Langsani Zulu called on the government to support the financial autonomy of the judiciary and to expedite the process of law reforms.

Mr Zulu also called on government to improve Court infrastructure which has remained neglected for many years.

He disclosed that the Association during the month also offered free services to 50 cases as of the golden jubilee celebrations.

Meanwhile Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe reiterated his Ministry’s commitment to addressing the constitutional and legal challenges faced in the country.

He expressed happiness that the access to information Bill and Public order act will soon be presented before parliament for review.

Mr Haimbe also commended the Association for continually building capacity in lawyers so that they respond to modern challenges.


  1. The Law Association of Zambia is obliged to report suspicious financial transactions of their clients. Are they doing it? That’s the meaning of partnering with Government.

  2. Thieving lawyers and unprofessional conduct of overcharging legal fees to clients goes un addressed. Its a shame some judges are perceived corrupt in Zambia. This need not be shielded by existence of judicial complaints commission. Some lawyers walking freely in public streets belong to be in jail.

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